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Instructions and Help about 8850 Form Initiatives

Interview is the Linares school and vehicles I try patiently of the less fortunate schools and students who are not able to access these materials to get the concept the idea of how it's done my name is Bronwyn on a technicality thanks to Creative Commons will be able to share these images that's to the less fortunate people and they'll be able to learn something but can be learnt in three years in 15 minutes my name is religion my name is a window spot I'm a student in foundries and I think I like to work with you in carrying out this experiment my name isn't Robin intake SEF house am I going to be their purpose are we going to like this this this routine directly which do good to take part in the experiment I'm Benjamin Lee follow I think I'm going to read the question to you so that you can ask them thank you we start this is the first you repeat process like this so this can be done by sucking or you can use a pipette Philip because as you can see it has three notes right here another here another here the upper note is to suck the here they get out the cut and then this is to bring them to to need to fill the pipette and this is to to for accuracy to make sure this level this meniscus is reached this can be done like this using this lock to fill it and then I use this analog to make sure that this push the meniscus is reached also use this this is another alternative of being the cycling process using their and since their sodium hydroxides are strong bees use the methyl Orange you must put their sodium metal or each Gator what can one to two drops then you check so that you make sure that their middle inches means full with it so with a base sodium at dosage the next step is now you start dropping the acid into the last two methyl then we'll find the point where it changes the color there are two types of here note that you turn to that team and start listening and the other types like where one has I know and the other one comes actly when you open the clip the liquid flows out this process can be done bring the pipette using the minor require left let's here let me the blue the panel then after after do this after filling the Pipers the buttes three take the insert very slowly today sodium hydroxide solution the middle to the color changes the color change shows the endpoint of the reaction vintage immediately it is changes you stopped me there it's very much so you take 30 days from there on the initial redo 2-0 to the portraits it's a a cell as reached the volume which is those meaning can be recorded in topologies past you draw a table with three titles and the first ayah you got VD sting 16 and the initial we started at zero zero zero and this is Z so as they're taking everything is one thing you should note is that if you learn fewer all the elements that you are using are not impure as you can see I've used an impure base in a block and given them a good result yeah after that after we the first experiments must do the second order to get the values of okay still contain the same procedure add two to three drops there jaikrit day now our initial reading will be 16 from the final reading regime we got from the first experiment middle the color changes stop you'll experiment and get the reading it is that triple true then the Vayner review that 3 pi/2 minus 16 then you show reading together volume use the second in the second experiment acid etching lecture now the values you have gotten easy is sixteen from zero and seventy point to the values we have gotten here to be relative positive or where's 0.1 so you must do another one so that gives a value lurches principal zero point one and minus one plus zero point one probably when the kind of the base changes if you put it against the white background that you may notice the difference in the original which was looked a bit of yellow to the surface looks pink is usually put 2 to 3 the indicator then you shake it a bit before you the top and here it is slowly shaking it around till you notice the color change then shake it MacAlister that's the end of the reaction as usual you check the ratings final revision the final reading which is 16 country initial reading across 16 country and we finally the initial initial rating was zero point zero zero final board reading sixteen point two and then the volume the acid use we are is ten point two to go to the readings we go to the crystals so finally with that we six foot three crumbs oh my truck sales managers in five bodies in technical resolution then the question is number of modest advertising that trapping and the ecology of sodium hydroxide and then number of course focusing my trucks I've accepted this before you start leaving the instead of it is something called the principle average after with the values or the three you take the average the first one was a 16 point zero the next one was spent in point 2 and then deadlock the fabulo 1622 since the second one the second setup we did was out of the range of zero zero point 2 negative or positive then we have radical which was simply zero at 16 which tools are much closer so it's a staple 0/2 gets to point once

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