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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8850 Form Payments

Instructions and Help about 8850 Form Payments

Hey y'all welcome to another WordPress Wednesday my name is kori ashton here at webtegrity in san antonio texas and this is gonna be the last final series video today on our series of gravity forms I want to walk you through what it looks like to just basically create a checkout button if you will this could be something for maybe an event that you're having and you want people to register and pay a small entry fee or a large entry fee it doesn't matter you're gonna be using PayPal as your gateway but everything's actually gonna happen on your website they're gonna be able to fill out all their information and click buy now or pay now and then it'll kick them over to PayPal they'll make their final detail informations there of their credit card so we're gonna be using that the SSL over on PayPal that saves you a little bit of money and then they'll be jumping right back to your website hopefully look as seamlessly as possible I'll walk you through the basic steps on that right now I want to be sure to give a shout out to our awesome partners in this industry these three companies are amazing if you're using WordPress so WP engine gives awesome hosting and if you are looking for more of a little bit of accessibility for great great customer service you want to be checking out WP engine and then we've also got WP elevation if you are an entrepreneur using WordPress check them out they've got an incredible area of resources for you and videos that you can watch to improve and grow your brand and then of course there's WP 101 if you love WordPress tutorials just like this one go check them out tell them all I sent you their way my name is kori Ashton I would appreciate it another thing I'd appreciate if you'd like be sure to put a comment I'll leave some feedback in the review box below I would appreciate that and that helps us that helps YouTube know that you liked us as well so you can like this video and of course every single Wednesday we're releasing a video just like this something to do with WordPress so be sure to subscribe because you'll be for free we just throw out these videos to help grow the community and help you make a better WordPress website alright so gravity forms we've got five other videos on this series this is the sixth and final so if you haven't seen those yet be sure to check out the link below I will give you over to that playlist but this is now we've already installed it we've already walked through how to build a and now we're gonna look at the addons area you do have to have more of the Premium Package for the gravity forms you would have had to purchase I believe the $99 level and in order to get these types of functions but it's so worth it I'm gonna slide off screen so you can see all these different options you've got the authorize.net so that if you want to be using that as your payment gateway you certainly can and that also gives you a SSL it doesn't give it to you but it requires one but it allows it to be activated on your website which is great if you're accepting payments directly on your website you do need to have a secure server license all these other ones might mean different things that you are interested in using I've used a coupon add-on here which allows you to have coupon codes to offer discounts for things that people might be purchasing or if you want people to be able to attend your event for free this of course would allow them to enter in a coupon code and let them attend for free and then you can just kind of read through what each one of these also allow you to do and you might be familiar with one of them say hey I already have look at this I already have MailChimp I didn't know that this could my website could connect automatically and it certainly can so if you had somebody that was filling out this event form and you wanted them to automatically be added to a MailChimp list for your email blasting that would automatically sync over there and drop their name in but now that I've gotten down to this point this is some of the areas that you're gonna begin see PayPal there are different levels you'll just want to read and see what's required and what the easiest route for you to use that would be and you've got all sorts of different options as we continue to scroll through here so user registration add-on gives you a little bit of a better user registration access form you can create custom fields and so forth and so on - to use I have actually already activated PayPal add-on just this simple this integrates our gravity forms with a PayPal payment standard all right so I've activated that you don't need to install it because it's already here if you've if you've purchased the the $99 gravity form add-ons it's already here so we're gonna go into forms now well let me back up for a second once you actually activate that add-on once you activate the PayPal add-on let me go back here for a second once you activate this there's gonna be a Settings area that you're going to want to get - and this now has a PayPal area here this just read this don't get distracted by how much text is there aren't thinking that it's overwhelming it's actually really simple to create the IP in that basically gravity forms requires with PayPal all that is is.

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