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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8850 Form Rural

Instructions and Help about 8850 Form Rural

I watched the original Hobbit cartoon when I was a kid let me show you inside and I loved the actual structure I didn't know then that I would build one but after building a normal house and a tree house me and my mom came here last winter spend about two months building the house I knew I want to do something completely different and so building inside of a mountain seems like a pretty interesting project my mom and I took off for ten days and we traveled all around Oregon and Washington looking for land for The Hobbit Village that I wanted to build there's a lot of land everywhere if you look on Craigslist if you look on Zillow you can find property so it's not really that there's not a lot the issue is with property that's in my price range I am looking at property around 10,000 to 20,000 but usually there's a reason why it's cheap either an easement problem where the property just isn't accessible and you would have to put in a lot of infrastructure or maybe you have to drive through a really crappy neighborhood but if you're willing to be off-grid there's there's a ton out there this way I was able to get this five and a half acres for $18,000 this property was inexpensive because you can't get any city utilities to bring power or water up here it's not even an option but it would be really spensive if you try solar structure I have one panel sitting on top but I have room to add more if I move it the other way and this is where my solar setup is and I've got two big ol batteries they're a 3000 watt inverter a control panel and then a couple breakers one of the good things about being off-grid inch LAN is that they boast over 300 days of Sun even though they have all four seasons so that was kind of crucial for my build the most difficult thing about building underground or in this location is that I'm on a pretty steep hillside which I wanted it to be these rolling hills it's perfect although I didn't want a road coming to the house and so you actually Park down below but that meant carrying all the lumber bearing a house the support was integral I mean it has to be safe it has to you know when we do the backfill not collapse so what I did was to buy six lumber that's treated on 12 inch centers and that's the whole box and then it sheeted with three-quarter inch rim plywood so that's a water wicking plywood and then the rafters are also two by twelves and they are one foot apart so the structure is super solid it also needed to be waterproof talk to people about how far down water goes which here the water line is about a foot it doesn't usually sink lower than that but we still put a French drain all around the house it's wrapped with the ice guard there's a tin roof on top and that was to make sure that on the backfill no rocks like pinprick through it and then we'd have a leak because if water gets in you can't just unburied it and hatch something and also moisture wicking insulation throughout which just adds this other layer of protection I just pretty much over built the whole thing just in case and I mean we had the backhoe driving on top of it and and we had like five or six feet of snow to and there was been no issues we're on top there's only about a foot of dirt towards the front end of the house it gets a little bit more as it goes out but there's not a whole lot on top just because the weight is so heavy and when that soil gets wet it's like having a swimming pool on top of your house we had the excavator come up here this was all a hillside II had to kind of figure out this and go back into the mountain about 20 feet I just carved it all out and set the dirt aside well we built the structure and then you came back and piled it all on the house ends right about here this is the venting for the bathroom but you can see the hillside keeps going down and I've replanted it it'll take two years for it to be back to its normal self when all this will grow in and you won't be able to tell where we dug so I have a two thousand gallon water tank that's piped to the house and it is filled via water truck right now which is an ideal but drilling for water here can be really expensive her estimates as much as forty if you hit anything at all so for right now this is what I'm doing this house is permitted because it was over the minimum size requirement to have an unpermitted build so this is 288 square feet which is the largest house that I've built yet seems the smallest because it it's meant to be so cozy I did have plans but there were just plans that I had drawn out on graph paper and done the math myself so some things did have to change but for the most part we worked off of those this house is permitted the counting was awesome to work with you know I let him know that doing this really weird thing and they hadn't ever done an underground house we talked through my ideas and they thought it all sounded good came out and checked and everything was great so I read the books and like watched the movies but when I was getting closer to this.

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