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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8850 Form Stamps

Instructions and Help about 8850 Form Stamps

Music Applause Music Applause hi this is David Odell with a dell complete concrete today we're gonna be doing this patio it's a townhouse so the access is a little tricky we can't come around from the front so we're actually entering from a different Street to get into this backyard condo or townhouse this is what it looks like before we start demoing we had a couple little squares for uh some trees or plants something was in there at one time or another but it's gone now so we're gonna demo all this concrete I worked in the front of this house about eight months ago and I did some stamped concrete in the front the back is gonna be the exact same design as the front you may remember if you watch some of my videos you would have seen this front yard project you'll recognize what job it is by the color the two colors I'm using on this one if if you've seen all the videos you'll know which one this is by the stamp design and the colors we have some palm trees around the outside perimeter of this job in the planner bed area and the roots are pretty much everywhere underneath this patio as we start to remove the concrete there's a lot of them scattered around here and what it what it did to the soil with all those little fine feeder roots is compact the soil really well just really densified it the concrete came out relatively easy had no steel reinforcements in it no fiber mesh was probably a basic 2022 psi max which I love removing because it's so easy Music you know over here where that water hose is we have a sprinkler valve on the corner of the patio it's kind of right in the middle of the glass slider in a plain view if you open those curtains and the slider door you'd see a valve sticking up so we're gonna move those valves over beyond the visibility of looking out of the slider doors we'll move those over then also the pipe that fed those valves were actually on top of the concrete so we're gonna drop that entire mechanism down below the concrete Music also the homeowner that lives here is pretty handy he likes to do a lot of stuff himself so I dropped him a few sleeves in here in the ground I dropped him some gas line some conduit he's he's gonna run that up a new patio cover and put some overhead lighting in there and then he's also going to encase that gas line with a little barbecue island he's gonna build himself you'll see the gas line material pretty soon here it's all going to be underneath the patio and well-protected as well as the conduit Music so we had to trim out quite a few palm roots just to get them down below grade we've shortened the distance up on this patio it did extend real close to the palm trees but we actually the new patio is gonna be set back an extra three or four feet from those palms that'll give it some more space to uh for the roots and for watering so they won't get underneath this new slab we widened it but we shortened it off of the house and then we got rid of those two squares that were in the middle that just kind of killed the whole workable space there's the gas line that we'll be using its a three-quarter inch it's seamless and there's no couplings in it so it's one one solid run which is nice because assuming it's made correctly you should have no gas leaks from and an here's some conduits we're gonna drop in here apparently on the inside of that wall there where I'm stubbing them up on the house he's got an outlet in there that he'll piggyback an outlet with a GFI on it and then just run it over here and then all this will be coming up underneath the barbecue island also the fireplace is right there so I guess he's gonna tap I guess there's a gas line in that wall he's gonna tap into so he can bring gas out here Music so we're setting up the laser level right now to get an idea of how much slope we've got away from the house Music on the edges of this new patio we're gonna kind of soften it up with some nice radiuses on the corners nice little tight radiuses rather than a square corner now in this back corner that's gonna be my new high point and I'm gonna drain everything out the gate into the backyard it's gonna go into the planner and then it's gonna drain towards the gate at the same time Music so my starting point is under the weeps Crete a half inch below that gives me two inches below floor level here's a pencil mark I've established a grade there over on this particular stake this is my outside form line there's another pencil mark that's grayed actually those are level marks I put those in level and then I'm just gonna measure down to get my slope that's the nice thing about that laser level you can go around your whole perimeter mark level lines and then take a look at your grade measure down from those level lines get your slope base it on the grade that you have and do that whatever works best Music there's your outside forum line and there's elevation now we can start fine-tuning fine-tuning the grade that concrete removed we removed out of here your really varied in depth I think it was only about the max up near the house about two and a half inches thick so we had to move a lot of dirt around to.

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