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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8850 Form Stamps

Instructions and Help about 8850 Form Stamps

Music - Applause - Music - Applause - Hi, this is David Odell with a Dell Complete Concrete. Today we're going to be doing this patio. It's a townhouse, so the access is a little tricky. We can't come around from the front, so we're actually entering from a different street to get into this backyard condo or townhouse. This is what it looks like before we start demoing. We had a couple little squares for trees or plants. Something was in there at one time or another, but it's gone now. So we're going to demo all this concrete. - I worked in the front of this house about eight months ago and I did some stamped concrete in the front. The back is going to be the exact same design as the front. You may remember if you watch some of my videos, you would have seen this front yard project. You'll recognize what job it is by the color, the two colors I'm using on this one. If you've seen all the videos, you'll know which one this is by the stamp design and the colors. - We have some palm trees around the outside perimeter of this job in the planner bed area and the roots are pretty much everywhere underneath this patio. As we start to remove the concrete, there's a lot of them scattered around here and what it did to the soil with all those little fine feeder roots is compact the soil really well, just really densified it. The concrete came out relatively easy, had no steel reinforcements in it, no fiber mesh. It was probably a basic 2000 psi max which I love removing because it's so easy. - You know, over here where that water hose is, we have a sprinkler valve on the corner of the...