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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8850 Form Targeted

Instructions and Help about 8850 Form Targeted

Welcome and he were looking at the US dollar and what we've been looking forward we had been looking for a five wave structure up here this fifth wave here was extended one two three four five and we'll look for some type of correction through here it may be completed because we've got a three wave structure here but to confirm that we want to see support on the 8130 the top of subgroup one so looking at that on the intraday here we've got this three wave correction so we know that it's corrective so that's a good start secondly yeah well we need to see either an impulse wave up through here and it is developing in that very small here but one two and probably one two three or four five here's a third so little correction here the fourth fifth wave up through here I'll just draw this out now that I'm here so littell fifth were over here an A and a B and C here then support here and then a move up through here so looking for something like that here and that would be the key to be shorting the euro as well but with the euro moving on to that we need to see them to confirm we need a breach of the 135 we need to see a move through here to confirm that we are working in a wave 3 to the downside if not as I mentioned yesterday then we need to look at this as a an a wave here Abby wave here and a sea wave back up to here for the wave 2 in brackets over here and then the third wave down so it's just just need a bit of time to do that the particular pattern through through here also appears to be corrective but I can't confirm that until this low here gets taken out so we'll just trillion have a look for that so in this move coming down through here as it stands at the moment is actually in three waves so that can be be a be waved down here alternative B wave so an a and B and a see here and then we get the sea wave up here but a move below this little guy here then that would cancel out this being a sea wave up here and then we can look for this some move down here even though it's not it's only it's not going to give us any sort of trade thing because it would all come down here somewhere and then would be looking for an A and a B and C back up through here and then this would be the short trade here and me you know depending how far this goes down here makes come back up and retest the 135 and failed there but just remember that this is the block of supply in through here and that would obviously be the resistance as well so as I just mentioned that little bar there on the intraday one-hour chart here it's really this one here so we need this to be taken out through here so far we can continue to call this an A and B over to hear and see after here that fits but we need to see it over we need to see an overlap structure to confirm the bearishness of it all so let's that's that really and that that's that point here and what we're looking for here would be five waves down the 1 the 2 3 the 4 and the 5 which so we just need to see that breach there that's that would be a key there so that's the euro in the US dollar working together the Australian the Australian dollar we were looking for well off the off the low here we are looking for an A and a B in to see I didn't expect you to move up so quickly and so sharp but that was just headline driven so that's that but what we're looking at here is a 5 wave structure for the sea wave here so this a and B and C here can be finished here so technically we really need a breach of this top of wave one here this this move this this here so that hi there 80 120 that's what we need to see move down through into 8122 breach that to create overlapping wave structures again two to confirm the bearishness from this wave c coming down here further but at the same time we need to be mindful that from this particular low point here five waves down this could also be counted as wave one and back for wave two and then another wave one or wave three moving to the upside because it hasn't it has sort of just Ted sort of overlap slightly here on top of way one if that's the case but not enough to be concerned about it there's only three rules in Elliott and wave four here overlapping wave one is one of those but that tends to occur in derivatives or leverage products so as such when Elliott put the Elliott Wave together he did it off the of the industrials and the transports and those sorts of things but anyway let's just drill in here a little bit further this is what we're looking at yesterday this is where we were yesterday we were looking for a push-up but I just an expected to move so strong but there you go a nice strong third wave and then five waves here for the 5th wave of see here now this can be confirmed as a high here if we got five waves down through here so far we've got an A and a B and the C wave down so we would have.

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