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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8850 Form Totaling

Instructions and Help about 8850 Form Totaling

Tis so this is a demonstration of Access 2022 forms and sub forms and we will also be able to show you how we can make use of calculated fields in the subform and embedded also into the orders form so what we can see here first of all is our two simple data data sheets or records if you like in a table format order details and orders the relationship between the two are one to many so orders to order details one order could contain several products that's what it is so one-to-many and the fields in the orders as you can see the primary keys all employee is the other field customer order date shipping date and so on there are other fields that you're not going to use but the four or five things we're going to use our order ID employee customer order date those are the four things we're going to use on our main form so the one side will contain the main form which is the orders form and on the many side we'll have the order details form and in this case the ID is the primary key which relates to the order details and order ID is the foreign key so the details so that's how they're linked so we got to make sure in our data field that order ID has the same data type as the order ID in the primary key is a foreign key in the order details has the same data type as the order ID in the orders detail otherwise you won't be able to link so this is the basic fundamental of creating form and softphone you need to be able to and have a referential and get integrity good reference integrity between the two good relationship so let's get cracking with the form and soft so in order to do the softball we need to go to create select the box form with the icon form wizard and here orders is going to be our main form so and we're going to include certain fields and then like the four fields that we discussed in the main form so we'll include the order ID just by clicking the arrow there employee customer order date right the next thing before we click Next the other things we aren't include in our field in our forms is the order details the many side so here we're going to use the ID order ID product quantity unit price in this camp the rest we don't need to use for this demonstration purpose so quantity unit price and discount this will do now once we have done that once we are sure we've included just in case we've included status ID we can always get rid of that by using the less than field less than button here so click on next and then which is the outside part and the soft form which is the inside part so we're going to do the calculated field here and transfer the calculation onto there so just make sure that these forms with some forms are checked and that we're going to do it by orders not by order detail verbal order so select next and here try to make sure that is selected as datasheet no information is presented better on a datasheet in this case we're going to be modifying the form design once you open it because we got to be able to see it and view it correctly so you'll get rid of the order soft form will just shorten the name because we're going to make references to the order soft form in the orders form okay and that will make sense in a minute so just select finish and this is what we see so as I said that we're going to modify this detail so let's just reduce this for a moment and which is this field so we can increase the size of the form so that we are able to present the data properly and this one please sighs otherwise you won't be able to show all the details on the screen please slide okay so now this is done let's just see let's just view the orders form and see how it is showing so before you view just click on save and then right click again and select field for you and on the form view we can see the data that a cut that is coming up so we can see the information and at the moment is playing up not responding yep it's coming up there so we can see the details here and it's clearer here and just show you if I guess navigate through each of the orders order 32 order ID 32 order I 33 it's got two orders has got one order one order one order we're more interested in orders which are combine so we look at three orders here two orders 443 and so we want to be able to multiply quantity and the unit price quantity on the invoice for the second item and also third item and add them together and have the subtotal presented on the main form this is our aim in order to do that we got to do this in two stages first create will use a textbox to create a cloud related field with simple expression using a sum function in the subform and then in the maze to the calculate field we created in the subform textbox so let's just do that so the first stage is to play is to work with the subform so let's just say this we already saved it so let's just open up soft form design view so this is our sub form and we can view this as it is we'll see very sort of NAB sort of progress along each order item.

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