Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 8850 Form Vocational

Instructions and Help about 8850 Form Vocational

I'm Jill Burbidge I'm the vice principal here for teaching and learning and student achievement we're very lucky here to be able to offer a really wide curriculum range of subjects across a number of different disciplines and at different levels we have courses that will enable you to go either straight into the workplace within that field or to university to study further before entering that fear occasional courses are very much hands-on they're very practically orientated and they will give you an experience of what it's like to work in that industry if you are somebody who finds exams daunting and you want to be assessed in a different way then doing the vocational qualifications is probably a better route because that's continuous assessment the other opportunity that vocational courses provides you with is the chance to do work experience some of our courses you would be doing work experience and regularly in placement every week so if you're interested in one of the healthcare professions or interested in childcare then you would be in placement very regularly and then other vocational courses offer block placements where you are going into an intensive period over a few weeks time my name is Abby and I'm studying child care level 3 I find study in childcare quite fun and I get to have practical and non practical part of working with children it's made me more aware of what the job is that when I want to go out and work I get a lot of opportunities to get experience with different age groups my name is Christy center and in travel tourism level-one my course the moments quite good you learn new skills in the travel and tourism industry my name is nicholas vo cough ski I'm studying 80 in extended diploma at level 3 and also doing retake of English the courses that I wanted to do there were at high standards so that's what made me to come to the college there are so many universities now in so many interesting courses and the vast majority will take BTech qualifications as much as they will take a level qualification so it's really about thinking about how you work what suits you and what your ultimate aims are in terms of your career.