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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Agencies

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Agencies

How to join draw in India the research and analysis wing or raw is the primary foreign intelligence agency of India it was established in 1968 following the intelligence failures of the sino-indian and in the Pakistani was the main function of raw is external intelligence counterterrorism and covered operations the headquarters of raw is in New Delhi and in humid osme a is the special director of the research and analysis wing India's foreign intelligence service he is considered by some to be a potential candidate to be the next head of the raw a post which is to fall vacant on January 31st 2023 things you should know about raw the first thing is you must realize if you are going to become aspires that the things you see spies doing in films and on television or read about in novels are not even slightly realistic the life in raw is very difficult and you will have to sacrifice a lot of things including a normal family life you will not kill people you will not drive fast cars you will not seduce attractive foreigners you will not defuse bombs with only seconds to spare for many intelligent roles you probably won't even get a gun so think before you just take decisions on the basis of emotions and public opinion about raw or the imaging of raw done by movies basic requirements to become a spy don't get in trouble with the law any criminal record is likely to end your application don't do drugs drug tests are often given to applicants drug addiction is not tolerated go to university most intelligence organizations including raw expect their officers to have a good education be ready to travel most spies have to travel to foreign countries there are...