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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Applicant

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Applicant

Music from wamu 88 and University in Washington welcome to the politics our starring Tom Sherwood I'm kojo nnamdi Music I'm sure what is our resident analyst he's a reporter with NBC four and a columnist with the current newspapers I'm shower hello our guest today is Muriel Bowser the mayor of the District of Columbia Mayor Bowser thank you so much for joining thank you it's my pleasure culture as always that's a signal for you to start calling now 843 3885 s do start sending your email to code your wamu or you can go to our website co jashow.org watch the live video stream of this broadcast ask a question or comment or you can send us a tweet at cojo show but do it early and do it often otherwise you may not get through at all time sure would tell me why Metro general manager Paul we the field is taking disciplinary action against 28 employees which is roughly half the track inspection department and accusing them of a disturbing level of indifference lack of accountability and flagrant misconduct well as Martin to Caro and others reported this week you know he fired people because they were he says falsifying safety records and inspections there's one thing four tracks to not be in good condition there's another thing for the cars of Metro not to being in good condition than 1,000 cars but it's another if the employees of Metro look at the tracks or don't look at the tracks and don't report the problems it's a it's it's Paul where the fails the general managers effort to say we are going to do the jobs we're supposed to do here we've got lots of problems with the budgets and other issues but if you're not doing your job your job is on the line now the union has responded saying well you know these employees weren't very well trained they were given clear instructions well that will all be played out and if the Union if and when the Union appeals those firings but the fact is a lot of people who ride metro who would like to ride metro like me who I don't anymore would like to see Metro get control of its staff I still ride metro and my safety is what is my primary concern when I ride metro how did this what did this what was your reaction to this memory well the general manager had given me a heads up some months ago that he had some concerns about documentation on just in general and making sure that employees are doing what they're supposed to be doing now obviously we want employees to have their due process but we also expect the general manager to hold everybody accountable and what I think that it also does and more than these 28 particular employees or this particular incident I think it helps set a new standard for how the safety culture must be if metro is to improve in mayor's not just safety it's a shock wave that there a variety of bureaucratic jobs that have to be done for the trains to run on time and to run at all and so that's kind of the message to is that whatever your job is whether it's safety or whether it's a customer relations whether you're that employee in the booth that doesn't look up when somebody comes to ask you a question or where you don't talk to people there's across the board you've heard all the complaints about employees many of them work hard do good jobs well yes so the image though is if it it's it's a terrible system that needs money and needs a reorganization and that's what we're in the midst of are you well I think it's also incumbent upon the general manager as we go out and certainly I have across this region and talking and talking to my my colleagues about what the system needs part of that discussion is making sure that Metro is getting its own house in order and talking about safety culture I'm talking about right sizing its budget and talking about delivering on the reliability improvements that they say they're making so if we're asking riders to endure safe track to endure shortened hours we must also be assured that the track work is getting done properly and only the general manager in the bureaucracy at Metro will be able to ensure mention shortened hours the ramada board voted to introduce the new schedule on July first it will close metro rail at 1am on friday and saturday nights 30 p.m. monday through thursday and 11 p.m. sunday through june twenty nineteen the DC board members were thinking of vetoing it clearly DC is not happy with this what are your thoughts well my thought is that we have to have a system that's safe and reliable and it's the responsibility of the general manager to lay out the plan to get us there but we will make no sense to make all these improvements to our system if it's not serving the region during the hours that it's open and not serving all parts of the region and so that's very important I think the board members and certainly I support them in making sure that any adjustment to the hours is not permanent now I probably would have liked to see a one year at a time discussion but they agreed on two years and we're going to hold on the the system accountable and delivering on the metrics that they said they would but you know part of the problem is when this first started talking people talked about cutting back the hours initially people o people won't be able to go out at night go to the bar so it won't be able to got home and that's of course.

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