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Music from WAMU 88 and the University of Washington. Welcome to the Politics Hour. I'm Tom Sherwood. I'm Kojo Nnamdi, Music. I'm not sure what our resident analyst. He's a reporter with NBC four and a columnist with the current newspapers. I'm sure. Hello. Our guest today is Muriel Bowser, the mayor of the District of Columbia. Mayor Bowser, thank you so much for joining. Thank you, it's my pleasure. As always, that's a signal for you to start calling now at 843-3885. So start sending your email to code your WAMU or you can go to our website cojashow.org. Watch the live video stream of this broadcast, ask a question or comment. Or you can send us a tweet at CojoShow but do it early and do it often. Otherwise, you may not get through at all. Tom Sherwood, tell me why Metro General Manager Paul We the field is taking disciplinary action against 28 employees, which is roughly half the track inspection department, and accusing them of a disturbing level of indifference, lack of accountability, and flagrant misconduct. Well, as Martin to Caro and others reported this week, you know he fired people because they were, he says, falsifying safety records and inspections. There's one thing for tracks to not be in good condition. There's another thing for the cars of Metro not to be in good condition. Then 1,000 cars. But it's another if the employees of Metro look at the tracks or don't look at the tracks and don't report the problems. It's Paul where the fail the general manager's effort to say we are going to do the jobs we're supposed to do here. We've got lots of problems with the budgets and other issues, but if you're not doing your job, your job is on the line. Now...