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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Applying

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Applying

Hi there I'm going to show you how to start a limited liability company in Utah so filing is pretty straightforward can be accomplished online by mail or by fax you're gonna file online you have to first create an account if you click here this will take you to our tutorial net procedure it's really straightforward it's like creating a an email account it shouldn't take you too long so the first step we recommend you take is that you perform a business entity search and this will allow you to check your names or your business names availability if you register an entity in the state with the name that's already on file your formation application will be projected you may also wish to reserve a name for 120 days prior to formation by filing a name reservation application for $22 this can be accomplished click here to find out more so with the name chosen and possibly secured you'll then move on to the actual filing process if you click on the link here here corresponding to the type of entity like to create this will take you to our online and paper fiying methods if you're following online like I said you'll have to create an account you will then login with your account and then follow the steps provided on the division of corporations and commercial codes website you'll submit a significant amount of information and then you have to pay a filing fee and the filing fee can be paid by credit card and if you're I'm going to be filing my mail or by fax you'll start the same way click on the corresponding link to your entity type and then you will have to print off a PDF application and complete it and then forward it to this address here or here depending on how you're filing and need to you to include a Certificate of Good Standing if you're a foreign entity and a filing fee regardless of what type of entity you're filing for and the filing fee can be paid by mail it can be paid by check or money order made out to the state of Utah if you're paying by fax you need to include a cover sheet containing a credit card number and expiration date so that's it for filing like I said it's really straightforward there's a few things I wanted to note in the tip section and E I N or employer identification number should be obtained as soon as acceptance of your entity's formation has been received and this is necessary to operate legally in the country and actually online applications require filers to obtain an EIN before registration can actually be completed so it's something you'll have to do anyways so you might as well do it as soon as possible moving along and operating agreement is not legally required in the state though we highly recommend its use because it can help you outline a number of provisions not previously stated in the initial formation documents so click on the link here to find out more about that and lastly a renewal application or report must be filed annually on the anniversary date of your entity's formation and this is used to update the state of any changes that may have occurred in the past year and to remain in good standing with the state so to do so you can do it online by clicking here or here where it'll take you to their website you'll have to enter your ID number or your entity on your ID number and and also pay a filing fee $15 not too expensive and your entity ID number Kenobi can be obtained with a business entity search and if you click here you can perform that search you may also file a renewal through the mail or by fax by downloading the annual report or renewal form here and then completing it and forwarding it to the state either by mail or by fax and you can pay for this in the same way that I mentioned before so that's it pretty straightforward and shouldn't take you too long all right good luck and take care.

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