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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Compliance

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Compliance

Everyone to the health hospitals and Social Services Committee on Juneteenth which is June 19 2022 and we are going to begin our meeting weekly we have a couple of things that are here one of the sponsors actually has Steve Glover before us but the first thing that is before us here today is our s 2022 12:48 sponsors Burchard gilmore and withers a resolution adopting a new paid plan for employees of the Metropolitan Board of Health effective January 1 2022 Toula July July 18th 2022 motion motion second all right any discussions say April maybe Marvin Bay but in effect it is a it will mirror whatever metros ultimate a plan looks like it was kind of the Board of Health is our Civil Service Board so whatever comes through when you guys get to the mirror whatever that is all right good stuff any other discussions all right I'd like to close that the up of pink thank you thank you all thought I happy all right so any those those are for for this police raise your hands I'm gonna take one two three four five five five four zero yes thank you very very much and it goes for approval right and we won't do that Cheers Erica will be he or she is just running behind she actually had to work today might be all good all right the next is sponsors pulled fuller pulley my brother here 2022 1261 sponsors pull again this resolution of proof in the affiliation agreement between the Metropolitan Government of Nashville in Davis County acting buy-in through the Metro social services department homeless Commission and Liston University to pran opportunity for students I rolled in list of University Department of Social Services and sociology to experience training instructions and education in the discipline alright motion motion are early okay is there someone here to speak on the happy to speak to it or missed a few can either one it's entirely up to you just quickly it's an to establish an internship program and relationship with Lipscomb University's Social Work program and to leverage what we do with outreach team that we have okay all right any questions you know do you have other internships from other university knows the first one they reach out to you to do this no we reached out to them and we did reach out to others too but we wanted to just see how fast this first and this is for our annual internships where they would actually be putting in roughly 500 hours - okay yeah I was just wondering about metro action considering that they also prsimilar services if they were considered and I think it's a great opportunity for you can you get a better understanding of how things work in Metro and with the challenges that you and in the uniqueness that you've had to create in order to do the things that you all have done at the homelessness clinician Commission so just wondering what she's graduated now thank the Lord all right now let's take the vote for those who vote for this please all right five four zero again thank you very very much and this will go for approval all right thank you all right resolution 2022 1199 sponsors of Connell Gilmore and others this ordinance amending section 2.1 for point zero two zero the Metropolitan code dissolving the Metropolitan homeless Commission repealing ordinance number BL 2022 582 ordinance number BL 2022 917 the ordinance number of lap a BL 2022 777 and creating the nashville Davidson County coalition of care of homeless Planning Council to serve the governance board for the Nashville Davis account okay alright is there any you if I could indulge the chair and allow me to extend the opportunity for constituent to speak on this yes yes sir okay thank you so much my name is Steve writer and I opposed this bill I believe that's not complied with federal regulations specifically the hearth Act and so I've cited here 24 24 CFR part 578 on a continuum care program and basically it it gives the continuum of care the right to go out in to amend their own charter this ordinance would go out and strip that right from the COC it would basically go out there and say that if the Charter is going to be amended and this governance that it have to come to council if we're going to go out and change the membership or go out and unbolting privileges the combination that they brought together was the homeless suspicion which consists of 22 members and 15 voting seven none voting and the current COC board which the governing board which is 15 if you take the voting members of all of them that's 30 this legislation proposes 25 it just doesn't make sense to me I mean this whole thing so let me just go in my comment regarding the Charter that would take a billion COC away is my position there's the exclusive jurisdiction of the continuum of care to review and modify their Charter the proposed legislation strips that power from the COC the proposed ordinance is before the Metro Council is unprecedented I believe is problematic to have significant governance issues such as the composition of the new group and its voting privileges included in the Metro code of laws furthermore I stayed I have not been able to find another continuum of care not one which has its governance charter terms put in order to this form and I believe the simple reason for that this is not combined with federal regulations so even in the Charter that we passed to go on amend it says we can go out to amend our own charter with a special meeting or a regular meeting but if you pass this you take that right away it's.

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