Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Counties

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Counties

It still hasn't hit me yet once I'm finally walked across that stage it'll get me that I'm not gonna see my friends for a while I'm gonna miss my friends but I know I need to move forward so it'll be a bittersweet moment on the one hand I can't wait in the other hand it's scary we've been through so much it's a long journey five years ago we realized that we needed to close that digital divide that exists education for the students in this county is their path to something better and our kids deserve it I had people tell me that it wasn't gonna work five years later you know I have evidence that it's working giving kids access to Google Chromebooks make sure that our students are competitive at all levels now your Google Form data the Google suite of products Google Docs spreadsheets Google Hangouts helps them develop the skills we want to see them take with them into the work world or certainly into college I've grown more technologically literate more social definitely it's taught me a lot about collaborating with other people it's a game changer really it's giving a lot of people hope that we have much more to offer than what you think they were the first tear to be graduates with an associate's degree and a high school diploma I believe it's inspiring to my family and the community that yeah you can go out and do great things I'm all decided to be on a college campus and to have a change of scenery I'm really excited to pursue my degree in mechanical engineering knowledge in general is just powerful no one can take that from you my mom supported me 100% and she was there to help me push myself to finish it's an amazing feeling to know that she gets to see the end product one of the biggest impacts that the G suite tools just had is that is really empowered our students my message program is to cultivate your own path towards your own destiny Music you.