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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Disability

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Disability

Shh I've got a secret how would you like to get your Social Security disability on the very first try I'll tell you how when we come back well hey folks my name is Jim Rohn I appreciate you once again being with me today on the transplant help or podcast slash YouTube video series as I said just a moment ago in the teaser I kind of had of a secret and that secret pertains to gaining your Social Security and disability on the very first China let me make as a disclaimer right out of the gate I'm not encouraging anyone to try to go out and get their Social Security disability unless they need it and unless they deserve it we've got too many people in the world who have already taken advantage of Social Security disability who are not in need of it so don't take the impression I'm trying to help anyone to get disability that do not need it but with that said this tip that I'm going to give you the day toward the end of this program I'll assure you will help you to gain your Social Security and disability on the very first try now if you're a transplant patient of any kind but especially if you're a heart and/or lung transplant patient at some point in your transplant journey more than likely you're going to need some form of Social Security and/or disability now why is that well you're probably going to be disabled now well that's just a partial disability or resulting in a full disability you're going to need some form of disability to help you and assist you in the rest of this life's journey now when I first heard the word disability back a number of...