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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Discharged

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Discharged

Yes this is free inhabited more back at you once again here to bring to you who said students loans can't be beat ie discharged I'm the one that brought to you how to pay your PS Eng bills and your utility bills with your legal fiction so I just wanted to drop a quick video you know on uh how to challenge your student loan how to achieve that highest potential on getting your student loan discharged with uh donations I can help you do that with the documents that are that's pushed forward to these uh corrupt criminals so without further ado my just push on start it off this right here was my wife's a student loan right here this is my wife's student loan paperwork they sent to her when I came on the scene with Sallie Mae it was trying to say she old student loan and they didn't give her any any funds no they didn't give her any uh any money that they're claiming she hold right here where they threatened garnishment and stuff like that and I put a stop to that with that garnishment stuff with it they never even tried to take out anything from your check or either your job your job pay or either uh a bank or whatever some put a stop to that ASAP when they sent this notice out put a stop to that a set mm-hmm I thought I finished my administrative remedy document sending out the documents with this stuff right here this is what I received right here they said they're blank the California Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Corinthian College the school and his subset subsidence subsidiary's that operate whole Everest Everest was the way she dealt with which was Sallie Mae my tech campus the lawsuit alleges that Corinthians has violated consumer protection and security laws yeah which is Security fraud the alleged they gave you a loan and they did not and they did not the school denies the allegations well it is what it is so they are it says as part of this lawsuit the Department has requested information and documents from the school that related to your attend attendance at how Everest Everest and or why Tech the documents and information sought by the department while you may include then it lists all the things right there that they're asking for you know I did all that no demanded for the funds to be returned you know could it is basically stolen because they didn't give you anything you actually gave them remedy you gave them your signature credit so and that's that they created triple x what uh what they're alleging they gave you and they didn't give you anything you provided and created credit for them which is fun cash redeemable and it says the department will handle any information it receives and compliance with the state privacy laws this information about you is protected by Family Education educational rights Privacy Act of 1974 they have the right to object and production of your information to the department so I've done that object it you know all the funds to be returned as said to be returned right back right on back so this right here they're following the lawsuit on all on our behalf right here falling a lawsuit for security fraud because they didn't they didn't give you anything they did alone you anything that came from your credit signature so our challenge is done right there and I've gotten this discharged right out I received this right here was discharged right here mm-hmm I could put a look up a little while later all the receipts showing that uh on her credit where it stated uh it was closed the matter was closed it was discharged all from administrative remedy challenging it can be discharged yes and the money will be received will be giving back that she already gave they're supposed to be sending it back to us all the money she gave they claim that uh they gave her a loan in a different this is proof right here that was discharged so I move on without further ado if it is this was a marsh brother I did his documents right here Department of Education how to give you this a computer-generated document right here they sent them like I'm sure all y'all receive all computer-generated documents like this I'm sure they send this to everybody these computer generated documents this was a bate this was a brother actually I change the status form and everything because they was coming at him really hard helping change the status say dear mr. BAE I haven't got him the recognises or affiliation his more filiation instead of his legal fiction his government name created name say thank you for your inquiry to secretary Duncan about your citizen ship name change and debts now I'm sure you are familiar with secretary Duncan whoever she is I challenged the world forward point four point line by line mm-hmm yes I did when she sent this notice right here I challenged there and right here look what they say at the bottom right here a change of your citizenship status or legal name does not effect the repayment terms you agree to or your obligation to repay the loan please contact your loan servicer if you have questions about student loan repayment trust me it says right here a change of citizenship status and legal name they say it does not affect the repayment that's bull a citizen status change has everything to do with a student loan ask everything to do it everything believe it when it comes to discharge in debt it has everything to do it and I'm gonna tell you why I'm going to show you my proof in a minute is the second page.

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