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The theme of this panel is incentives and resources otherwise known as you are not alone or what we can do for you as people who are working with ex-offenders or considering hiring ex-offenders and we'll begin with Armand to say glia from the Department of Labor and training he's a business service specialist there and highly experienced and he's going to talk about why you should hire somebody with a criminal history and particularly what programs government offers by way of incentives Armand thanks director good morning my name is armand ceglia tried to sit on a business service specialist with partner labor and training the agency administers a number of programs through both the system players of the state of Rhode Island with hiring needs and also with training assistance for our purposes this morning like to discuss three specific programs designed to attract encourage and assist employers for people who have just returned from the colonel justice system or have been exposed to the criminal justice system these three incentives take two different forms reimbursement in the form of federal tax credits to subtract it from your tax liability and cash reimbursements for wages paid during training or providing temporary work experience for unemployed adults college grads high school students from a career technical academy but the ex-felons would fall into this group the first is the work opportunity tax credit commonly known if the agency by attacking him watching it's a federal tax credit and it's available to employers who hire individuals from certain groups in 1996 Congress passed legislation that allowed employers to take tax credits for disadvantaged or people who had extensive barriers to employment some of those groups are veterans people from households that receive TANF which is temporary and the families snap yo food stamp program Social Security recipients newly revised long-term unemployed but the one for our purposes today x collins fraud discussion a new- hire of ex-felon meets the criteria if been convicted of a felony and has a higher date not more than one year from the conviction or one year from release so at any point during that time he or she is alleble eligible for the employer to take the federal tax credit of twenty four hundred dollars translated in simple terms if you have a federal tax liability of ten thousand dollars and your issue a certificate of exemption you know the feds seventy six hundred dollars now you can simplify that depending on the circumstances you may or may not know if your new hire has a background because as crystal pointed out but a year and a half ago rhode island passed the band the box legislation where that is not going to appear that he's a felon or she's a felon on the application so to obviate going around to everyone I encourage employers to utilize when you have your new hire orientation when you bring together equal 1 or 20 new hires and you have them fill out there w for maybe some help health care options i encourage the employers to put form 8850 you'll find that in your packet on the left-hand side the form is on the screen to include that first page in all the other documents that they'll be filling out after being hired now since we're talking about offenders but just for your knowledge for other hires if anything is answered in the affirmative those six questions you know you potentially have someone that's eligible for federal tax credit and just for the sake of discussion a disabled vet that tax credit is ninety six hundred dollars so this is good corporate policy just to include this stuff in the packet once the certificate is issued view would just pass it along to your to your accountant and they can do the the formula so now you've gotten you've gotten the all the information Beck Group C do you have an affirmative response the few days go by the beauty of this program of the tax credit program is that you have 28 days after the date of hire in which to submit that application for credit that's determined by the postmark from the US Postal Service by the way all these credits need to be mailed in this electronic day and age it's still not acceptable they have to be physically mailed and the postmark is what determines from the date of hire the 28 day window unfortunately the program hasn't caught on there are a lot of companies that that hire people that have been exposed to criminal justice system but the last few years it's been been catching on as you can see from the statistics 2013 there were 76 95 and last year with the help of family labor and training and people here the providers here we had a hundred 307 people who applied for the tax credit pretty simple process our charge is to get the word out to employers that it's to your benefit to put one of these forms in all your you're hiring packets a second program is beyond a job training program that's administered by the family burn training and this is a program that helps businesses train new hires to meet their long-term needs training is tailored to meet the company's business needs you control the training you tell us what he or she needs to be trained on and it's a cash reimbursement fifty percent of the salary of the new hire the key features reimbursement up to fifty percent of wages during the training period the training period can be two weeks to six months if six-month training period it's a very substantial amount of money fifty percent of employee salary for six months there's minimal paperwork contract specialist are available to help you in fact there are some here today and I'll talk about that later be more than happy to

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