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Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Entities

So what I want to talk about corporations as demonic entities or thought forms and basically what this means is that a corporation in addition to being you know three-dimensional entity with you know corporate building its corporate logos and all the worker drones that you know work at the hive their little office cubicles and you know slave away for the man so to speak well in addition to all that there's a an energetic aspect to all this as there's with everything and this is the real in my opinion aspect of corporations the real part of it that affects our lives because you know as you may know as many people are becoming aware of the corporations in the United States at least were additional initially you know only allowed to exist for the public good one and also they were only allowed to be incorporated for like a year I believe and then they had to be dissolved and now we just kind of take for granted that these entities these corporations you know Corp meaning corpus meaning body so these are furyk bodies energetic bodies not physical bodies and that's why there's all the occult symbolism and all the logos of any you know higher of corporation you know higher on the pyramid that is and those logos I believe in the symbolism that's decoded by our unconscious within them I believe that is basically a form of ritual energy extraction in addition to the many ways in which our system is set up to control us to dumbest down through food and fluoride in the water you know chemical is in our vaccines and sprayed above our heads in the air at the whim of our controllers supposedly so in addition to all that I mean we pretty much gradually come into a world and that's been being exposed and now it's really being exposed by a lot of people but there's also the occult side of it the so-called hidden side where the energy transfers occur and that's basically what we're talking about here and I'm going to turn this into a YouTube video and I might add some some more thoughts in a bit here

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