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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Miscellaneous

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Miscellaneous

Music you 2,000 years later Music you excuse me while my ps2 play Xbox games excuse me I need to know halo will play on my ps2 I'm sorry I don't speak stupid and our trains that are called out sick today wait what are you early they must have video game stores in the great land of stupid eeeh where you'd be able to purchase and be ignorant of all manner of games in accordance with your society's customs ok I want to speak with your manager I do not understand your strange language and I can only interpret your raised voice and display of teeth as a sign of aggression I'm never shopping here again be wary of traffic and open elevator shafts they're magnets to your kind Music spend your paycheck on video games again naturally rent food and clothing are terribly boring uses for my hard-earned money that's a new one speaking of new I want to play Fight Night later I'm playing dead or alive right now come on man I need to relax with a nice welcoming 12 hour gaming session I've been at work all day dude I've seen you at work all you do is sit there and play video games excuse me I also stocked the shelves clean the store manage the inventory and count the money no you don't well no not me personally but Barry does and watching him can be pretty exhausting right well today is my day off and I was here first go do something else for a while something else yeah something other than video games like reading a book riding a bike fine I'll try your other stuff hang on how was work man hey you feel like going to see a movie there are a few good ones playing that I can't Lucas is hogging the TV so I have to find other stuff to do Ethan going to see a movie is other stuff holy crap you're right hey do you think the theater would let me hook up a video game system than one of their screens I sincerely doubt it then I'll have to devise an elaborate plan to get the Lucas out of the living room okay hon have fun if you need me I'll be on the roof learning how to fly okay wait what even if you break your neck I am not calling the ambulance sunup what nobody glues my circle strafing to a doorknob and gets away with it now this is personal Music Music so maybe a co-op game then yeah co-op sounds good so you guys done with the TV yet I want to play some halo Music.

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