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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Newsletter

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Newsletter

Hey guys my name is J and in this video we're gonna learn how to integrate MailChimp with WordPress and it's gonna be very very simple I think this video is gonna take like five to eight minutes something like that doing this um and this is very important if you're starting your business and you need to get like emails and names from people that you actually want to sell something in the future or or maybe send some email blasts about your blog or whatever your business is but it's very important that you need to have an email database okay and actually MailChimp will help you with that and I'm going to show you how is it how easy it is okay now first thing we're going to do I'm going to install the MailChimp plug-in so I'm going to go to plugins click on add new all right so I'm gonna search for mail Shemp just like that okay and this is the one that I want MailChimp for WordPress I'm going to click on Install Now alright everything is looking good I'm going to activate activate my plugin alright and you're gonna get a message saying are to get started with mail shape MailChimp for WordPress you need to enter an API key I'm going to click there alright and as you can see we are not connected yet because we need to add the API key right here alright so I'm gonna go to my MailChimp dashboard right here and what I'm gonna do I need to find that API so I'm going to click on my name right here and click on account and scroll down uh okay right here on extras click right there and here we can see API keys click right there alright scroll down a little bit and here you go I have some API keys already but if you don't have API keys right here you can click here and create a new one that's not a problem I create a new one right here so I'm gonna do I'm gonna select all this copy go back to mom to my MailChimp plugin and paste it right here okay make sure anyone you know I'm showing this API key right now but I'm going to disable it and this is only for testing I am not using this for my business or my personal website so make sure that you don't show this key to anyone okay I'm going to click Save Changes alright now we are connected awesome now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna see scroll down a little bit and here I have one list I'm going to go back to my MailChimp a dashboard I'm gonna click on list and yeah I have one list on my MailChimp account with zero subscribers I don't have none and I'm going to click on it I'm going to go to my signup forms I'm going to click on general forms all right scroll down a little bit and this is my form right now that I want to use right so if you go back to WordPress and click on my on your form you can see that we have those fields available the same one that I have here on my MailChimp they are available right here I'm gonna remove this website field I don't want it so I'm going to click here in this minus symbol they want you to write delete to confirm right okay that's all I want one email first name last name that's all I want going back to my MailChimp on WordPress let's click on renew MailChimp list alright let's scroll down click on my list and as you can see the website field is not here now awesome because this is all I need okay now I'm gonna go to my forms right here right and as you can see I have my first name last name email and the submit button right here awesome this is perfect if you don't have let's say I don't have these things right for example let's say that your form is like that no problem just let let's say I want a first name right here I'm going to click here on first name because you have these things available for your form first name right in my placeholder I want first name okay yes this field is going to be required and click on add form that's it is right here now in here I want to add the last name so I'm going to click here last name please holder last name is required now you know what last name is optional so let's leave it like that add form and there you are you have your first name last name email and the submit button perfect now I am done so I'm going to save the changes okay the form is saved and now they prme with this shortcode which is awesome and very easy to add on your website so I'm gonna copy this and let's see how my home page is looking right now okay so this is my home page I'm using 2022 theme by WordPress is a very simple thing that um it's very helpful helpful if you want to learn more about themes and stuff so what I'm gonna do I'm going to add right here below this content my form so people can subscribe okay I'm going to click on edit this page alright and right here I'm gonna copy I mean I'm going to paste my shortcode provided my by MailChimp right that simple I'm going to update my page okay and let's see how it looks scroll down a little bit and there you go looking perfect beautiful now what I'm gonna do I'm going to test it my name Jose Vermont and I eat websites at.

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