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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Recipients

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Recipients

Hello divination and welcome this is our DV feature update live coming to you every Monday at 6 a.m. Eastern today I'll be talking about the new contact form module now this was updated a few weeks ago but I'd like to go into detail and show you what you can do with this form so the things that we'll be covering are the new field types that you can add to the contact form field validation rules we're also going to go through conditional logic because this is now available on this contact form module he'll also go through how to create drop downs checkboxes and radio buttons now I'll also be covering one of my favorite features which is conditional logic so I'll go through step by step and show you how to do this towards the end I also do some layout options whereby you can arrange your form fields in the way that you'd want to do ok so before we get started I would like to show you a post which has more of this information in detail so if you want to go ahead and take a look at the at the for at the at the article I will link it in the show notes below ok so this is the article so it goes through all the form features there's also a video description just covering the main points of this module ok so like I said I'll leave this in the show notes below so you can go ahead and read this in more detail ok so I can already see that there's quite a quite a lot of people already tuning in this is fantastic we have viola from Germany Tran new TV feature new TV ok we also have sheikh fahad from bangladesh also thank you very much for tuning in we have Frank from mark Beth from Australia awesome awesome awesome oh we have Tahoe I think from the Czech Republic awesome we have do now from Ireland thank you very much for tuning in we have you know a lot of people from different parts of the world and Rico from Rome awesome awesome awesome oh wow these are coming in very fast I can't keep up we have Edward from frame from France we have wind from Netherlands Abu sand from Casablanca Wow I can't keep up guys Tanzania we have Tanzania Russia Eugene from Russia Tracy from Canada Wow awesome thank you very much for tuning in ok I'm excited now let's dive in and let me show you how we can use these features in fact Robert from Tanzania Tran from Vietnam vocal from Germany this is amazing this is amazing ok I'm gonna go in and show you step-by-step how we can use this brand new feature which was released a few weeks ago ok so right now all I've done is I've created a page called contact form ok so I haven't applied anything yet so what I'm gonna do next is to click on use the Divi builder like that and then I'm gonna go ahead and click on use visual builder because if you watch much if you watch my tutorials by now you know I prefer using the visual builder because we have more options there and also you can see what you're designing right there before your eyes ok so now that I'm here in my visual builder I am going to add a single column like that and since we are doing a contact form tutorial I will search for my contact contact form now if you've been using this contact form module this is watch what you normally see by default okay so this is what loads up by default so let's say you want to add a brand new field type right so all you have to do now is to click here on this plus button add the field type so let's say we need to collect the age information on our phone so I'm just gonna type in age like that and then I'm gonna use this as the title as well below here like that now if you take a look on the form here we have now we have now added a new field called age okay so we have you know limitless items that we can add to our forms we can add pretty much anything so now our form can collect any sort of information so now that I've added age let me show you something that's really cool if I come over here to field options right you can now choose the input field so here we have email field text area checkboxes radio buttons and dropdowns now we'll be covering these later on in today's live show okay so right now I'm just gonna leave it as input field now here on a maximum length we can adjust this to make it whatever we want the maximum length so and also here we also have oh sorry this is the minimum length and maximum length now because this is age we can also come here to allowed symbols click on the drop down and only select numbers okay because obviously our age is going to be in numbers or digits so we can specify this only here on the age right so now if I save this form and try to fill it in and put any other characters it won't work in to show an error message now let me show you how that works so right now I'm just gonna go ahead and save like that and then I'm going to save the page and exit the visual builder and then test it right so here I'm just gonna add my name email address no message and then here on the age if I try to add my age and say 30 okay fill.

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