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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Screening

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Screening

Music Music hi john hess from filmmakeriq.com let's say you just finished your short film it's brilliant but now what today I'm going to explain so the tips and tricks that I wish I knew when preparing to enter my short films into festival in the interest of full disclosure my experience thus far in my career with festivals has been with short films so I'm focusing only on shorts in this video now I've made two 20 minute long shorts that played at 7 festivals I made these before I began creating filmmaker IQ courses so they're not my most recent nor my most educated work although it's been a few years I believe the advice I'm going to give in this course is still relevant especially for the first-time submitter furthermore what I'm going to say is based on generalities your film may be that one in 100,000 short films that completely blows everyone away and totally negates my advice if that's the case congratulations but what's more likely is you've made what you think is a very good film and what about the cover is designed to try to save you money while at the same time maximizing your festival experience I'm going to begin by talking about the elements of the short itself the first question everyone asks is about the length the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines a short as less than 40 minutes whereas Sundance Film Festival sets it at 50 minutes if you pull an online forum you will get people chiming in with all sorts of hard and fast rules for time ranges from no more than 5 minutes to 5 to 7 minutes well that's that's all nonsense the fact is there is no hard fast rule for precisely how long a short can be or needs to be a short just needs to tell a story however long that takes there are 7 minute short films that feel longer than a 20 minute short film and there are 20 minute short films that drag on and feel like feature lengths the primary determinant for how long a short should be is the story now with that said you will probably not find much luck trying to get a 40 minute short film in to film festivals festivals generally schedule short films into blocks of 80 to 90 minutes each in the festival that I was in the blocks would contain a mix of very short shorts and a longer form short so a short block might be three two-minute shorts three 10-minute shorts and then two 20-minute shorts so if you walk into a festival with a 10 minute short programmers will have an easier time scheduling that than a 20 or 30 minutes short if you walk in with a 40 minute short well that leaves a lot less time for other films in that block if your film is straddling that line between short and feature-length honestly your best bet is to rework the script and tell a smaller story to get down to a shorter length or tell a bigger story and actually make a legitimate feature film next is the content no one wants to be censored but you will have a lot harder time getting a short that has a lot of violence nudity and language in the festival because of the fact that you are sharing your timeslot with other short films that'll be less of a concern if you were submitting a feature film I would say you could probably get away with what would be considered a pg-13 or a lite R rating but really not much more than that and here I'm primarily talking about mainstream film festivals there are specialty film festivals that won't have their own standards and we'll discuss that in the next section in a perfect world you could enter your film in all the festivals and then just see which of them picks your film but every entry comes with a fee and at $50 to $75 a pop for some festivals that's gonna be adding up really fast before you start entering film festivals it's actually a great idea to attend a few different film festivals as advice that is not usually heated I mean I never attended festivals out myself outside of screenings for my friends here and there but festivals can be a lot more than just film screenings they'll often have social functions workshops parties and meet and greets even if you don't have a film in the program a festival can be a great way to network with other filmmakers even consider volunteering to help at a festival this is a great way to get your foot in the door and build personal relationships with the festival directors and programmers now some of you might be grumbling how that's unethical I'm not saying it's flat-out favoritism they probably won't screen your film as a favor if it's totally crap but if you made a great film and it's a choice between you and equally good film from a stranger from the other side of the country well you might just get the edge in the final selection so that brings me back to the first bit advice when picking film vessels favor local film festivals over far distant ones you have a better shot at a small local Film Festival that's a 20 minute drive away than you do at a small local film festival that's requires you to hop on a commercial jet there are two reasons for this the first is some film festivals have relations with their local film boards or film promotion agencies because of this in a healthy dose of local pride they tend to like to showcase local talent now secondly by showcasing local talent they have a better opportunity to sell tickets to cast and crew we're going to be.

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