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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Supplemental

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Supplemental

So I was reviewing some of the old lectures on forms and I realized I kind of glossed over something that caught can cause confusion if you start studying other books so I want to quickly go over the normalization of forms and I think this would be best inserted right after lesson 27 of what is a tensor right so right after that lesson maybe this little quick lesson would best fit but the issue is that forms can be normalized a couple ways and what lesson 27 offered up was the anti symmetries ation operator which 4p forms which all or 4p for rank p tensors which I'll call KP this all works for of course as usual this all works for P vectors as well but we'll just do it in terms of P tensors this guy and so the idea was you could take any tensor and run it through the anti symmetry zation operator which was writing 1 over P factorial x multiplied by the sum over all permutations of the parody of the permutation multiplied by the what we were calling the Sigma transpose of the tensor T and we went through this in less than 27 about what this exactly meant the point is is I think I also demonstrated why this P factorial is in there and the reason it's in there is we want this to equal T when T starts anti-symmetric so that's a very reasonable thing so what I want K a P of T to equal T whenever it's always true that P transpose of T equals when the Sigma transpose of T equals the parody of that transposition times T itself right when this is true for T then this has to be true for the anti...