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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Totaling

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Totaling

Yo shout out the black diamond so much yes we speak on me Hill there come on buddy watch me stall in the middle of fucking road with my fucking left honestly you know I hope it's like this low on fucking gas my boy wouldn't start right I guarantee if there's old come on people I'm like not comfortable with like fucking flying in front of cars yet so you got to forgive me for that this is actually my second time ever riding a bike believe it or not and I bought the bike yesterday so it has some issues I need to fix it I believe it's misfiring fuck I'm such a pussy I'm never gonna get to go watch the fucking stall though like for real aha Griffin ball let's get some gas let's go I think you still on I need that that's we would imagine and about like an hour recording still this bitch up maybe he's full 7 fucking dollars her phone tank oh my god that is one reason why to get a motorcycle ladies and gents up a little bit we're off that's over here the world will never know I'm gonna go straight right here never gone down this road before I want to go to Scottsdale on the drive around Scottsdale but uh I feel like it's gonna fucking rain and I'm not about to have my second day riding in the rain on how fast like it did these things not about to find out to be honest but that I'm not doing that again and do you hear that I believe that's the chain I do need to get a new fucking chain on this baby like the most sketchy fucking neighborhood to drive there only get fuck it is really fucking chill though I like not having to drive next to cars the kind of road you like come up on like a deer patch so like some fucking random dude who's watching on his yard he's he fucking there all over the road especially the only fucking water to shit like you don't ever see this in Arizona because that is gonna really rain so whenever you see that because don't wash off their fucking front yard or like wash their driveway or some shit but that's us take a fucking know that guy what the fuck yo I fuckin I know where that guy lives now but my other friends are watching it I think you know what I'm talking about fucking dude with a Camaro with a KLI almond oiler one will be looking at fucking hate the vault movie car is this fucking bumblebee dude you ever hear me talking shit about Camaros you can play my eggs to use the jogger Camaro I used to drive a Mustang kinda had to be she'd always talked about my thing that always talking shit about Camaros well this is not gonna be fun always fucking turn my high beams watching my high beams on I got the previous owner put under glue on here and it's connected to the high beam so when you put the fucking high beams on you just this is all fucking blue underneath me oh my god I can actually I can get pulled over for that because it's not legal here to have a underglow that I know of like I could feel wind brushing against the my grand how that's not good that's gonna be bad oh man I mean hopefully my GoPros can pick up some good sound we're not I was on the freeway those things barely had anyway because I have them both set the wind mode and oh my god those things do fucking great I wish I could stuff one in my helmet use it as a mic get a go procession get a mount cam fuck I'd be pretty fucking original yeah I'm not about to go on the freeway I'm a lazy fuck actually no yeah I'm a fucking freeway fuck it fuck it I think I'll get on the 101 just like fuck around over there later fam as you could know I kind of need work on shifting and onto the freeway we go after this fucking light I love that sound so much I'm pretty sure I'm going to take my helmet off and look at it later okay I got about 30 more minutes left the recording and then I got to flash my fuckin SD cards or move the recording to my cellphone and then I have two extra batteries so I can last the kids like four or five hours look at those fucking exhaust dude goddamn one thing that sucks about cold weather is when you're not riding your fucking helmet fogs the fuck up like that hello yellow Hybrid Synergy Drive let's go oh my god it's so fucking windy Wow thank you master yeah all right oh I can't wait you fast I messed it up real quick hirabai calm turn the keys there's a kill switch yeah though he's a country on the offer get a song for it okay octopus all right man yeah yeah I'm an off-duty firefighters saw what do you think what's hurt on you my elbow on my knee or your knee okay to slay still there keep your helmet on I came in to turn a little keep us all like 60 hey what's your name Jason how old are you fuck it we can go yeah just stay there on your try to not to move around right arm right I do right behind of this it isn't rather sideways nobody else why something do you stay yeah how you doing your where's it hurt my fingers in my elbow might need fingers are really the so I can tie it so I shattered my leg in a motorcycle accident I.

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