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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are 8850 Form Website

Instructions and Help about Are 8850 Form Website

Hi guys welcome to the another video of easy tutorials and today in this video I will show you how you can create a login and registration form using HTML and CSS as you can see this is very responsive and we'll pull through each lesson and login form when I will click on register it will show you a variation form and when I will click on login it will show you a login page so without wasting any time let's start creating this form first of all I will create a HTML document HTML file here is my website title login and registration form design I will save it as index dot HTML okay now I will create a CSS file and I will save it as a style dot CSS okay now we have HTML and CSS file now we'll write the HTML code to link the CSS file with HTML okay now we'll create the body part yet I will create a login page and inside that I will create to form one login form and another one is registration form so first I will write code for register form Music so there will be three input phase username and password and email ID now I will create a button here now save this page and let's check our website so here is a input fields now I will write a CSS code for complete body I will add a background image here see this is our image file pictur one sorry pick one dot jpg again check this website there is a background image here now we'll add effect I will make this image darker now I will write the code for login page I will septic daddy now now I'm writing the code for the form every 30 position jet indexed background color I will leave it white max it Music and marginal padding no see this website Music now you write CSS code for in input fields - right form and or from an input is the default family out line back down victory hundred percent so this was the code to design this input bills now it is looking good now I will write code for this button Music I have added a color on this button and this is the button text color okay now see I will change this form page color okay I will make it transparent so change this background now it is looking good now we'll write a text message here below the form that if you already a registered member you can log in here already registered and there will be a link called login Music okay now check the website here again the text message and link is added here now I will write codes for login form this was the very station phone and now I'm writing code for vlogging for me there will be two fields choose username and password and then login button and below that there will be a text message and link not registered then there will be a link called register Music let's replace our webpage so now you can see login and registration from both and there is a text message now we'll add a over effect on this button now you can city over if here now I will write CSS code for this text message I will change the color of this text message and I will safety on site see the color has been changed and on tight now we'll write code for this link we'll change the link color and text-decoration:none now refresh the webpage as you can see this text message and link Music now we have two forms here now I will hide the registration form for that right got form dot register form and display:none now refresh the webpage and now you can see only one form that is login form Music now I want to it add effect that when I click on register it will show you a register form for that I will write a jQuery here okay right this quote script visit google and write jQuery this is the jQuery website click on download and here you can download the jQuery and use it in your folder okay this pipe or you can directly add a link so I will copy this link and paste it in your HTML file okay so this is a jQuery and now I will write two lines of JavaScript code here Music okay after adding this quote then you will click on register it will show you where registration form and when you will click on login it will show you a login form let's save SD web page now click on register and log in register ok if you liked this video click hit the like button and subscribe my channel thank you.

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