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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Abroad

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Abroad

Hi guys i'm bree sharma my official name is Bridgman sharma popularly I'm known as Bri Shama in my personal life I'm here to interact with the nurse and those who wants to know about my journey and wants to get some information on the running so basically I'm here to answer all your questions I started my running journey six years back till that time I never run any kind of running event and I started my journey with first full marathon that was was a beautiful marathon in 2022 October and thereafter I kept on running running running I started my ultra runnings in 2022 and I when my first ultra race in 2022 afterward that was my 80 kilometer run mati leagues in Delhi and then thereafter and so many ultras which includes five international ultra races that of East ultra of the world that is bad water then Brazil 135 miles and Singapore result rrah and two more times multicom hundred was in China so these these are the international events and apart from all these five events so far I have run 16 events of hundred miles and all formats of 34 hours 12 hours 24 hours 36 hours and 48 hours in the country in total so far I have been 39 ultra visas and 26 full marathons and 28 half marathons so basically this is my journey in last six years about running apart from running I am a mountaineer as well I am playing this sport since I was 24 years and I am summit of Mount Everest then again one more eight-thousander which is the fourth highest peak of the world that is montolo say and still partially based sport and looking forward to submit more eight thousand doves so there's one request to increase the volume and I'm trying to increase the volume here hi Praveen KSAT well hello how are you increase the volume increase okay so let's let's talk about the running and about the trainings and all because whenever I it happened when I go to the events people generally ask about the training plans and about the distances and how they should train and in what way they should go I hate so these are the common questions and about the tight and all yes Praveen case at pal thank you so much you heard about me at Sydney okay you heard me it's ready so it's pleasure to see you here as well hi honey how are you okay about my journey as I mentioned earlier - I started six yes back all my earnings are not so basically that was my first full marathon that was was a Vita in October 2022 and before that I had no idea how to run a full marathon so I completed that race in Greece in 5 hours and 38 minutes and then I realized at that point that I cannot run because I was the last one to finish the race and from there onwards I decided to run faster and many races and in that period in our country there were not so many races being organized so in 2022 and 14 I went around the country I participated in chandigarh that was an event from running and living and it was a full marathon then thereafter in jaipur in satara nasi Pune everywhere am debarred including Ahmedabad and when I when I when this party licks 80 kilometer I had no idea how to run an an ultra so basically I went and I participated and fortunately I finished that race with podium so that was their time I decided to run ultras and basically to focus more on ultras and their own words my ultra journey started in 2022 I trained myself for Himalayan crossing 335 km that was in July 2022 and it was like 335 km on about 12,000 feet altitude in Indian Himalayas so I reverie ously and religiously trained for that even say like four to five months in Mumbai itself I used to run in the morning in the evening in the night and all runners from Mumbai they used to give me company specialist and you Bengali and hevene and my guru and my mentor for a spell laser' so I trained for that race and I completed that race in a in cumulative time of 55 hours and 45 minutes in July before that I then another race that was in Shimla and that was another 80 kilometer and from 2022 onwards thereafter Ike concentrated on 100 miles so I ran run off catch hundred mile in 2022 then again I then Westen got ultra hundred mile then 2022 was the year of ultra vans pony in that year I then 600 mile events including bad water crazy ultra hundred mile in Singapore and Hong Kong China so this is how I kept on training myself and kept on participating in the country as well as abroad Music Music Music yeah okay about the training part if I come to the training part for because there are different kind of trainings involved in different distances because all traveling is totally another sport though it's running only but there are so many categories in the running like yeah Sonny hi how are you Sonny asked me about my hydration part so Sonny about the hydration in in the trainings of 21k and foetid okay one should carry any product which can give you the supply of your hydration like electrolyte inner sole whatever it could be adjacent disappear it's the mixture of sugar and salt so I personally carry energy all and sometimes electrolytes like that till 25 kilometre I generally don't carry any kind of hydration and if I go for long runs so beyond that I use all these hydration stuffs okay one more thing is there from myself that many people while doing.

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