Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Allowance

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Allowance

Jeff here I want to make a quick how-to video in this video I want to show how you the Christian can get out of mandatory vaccines whether that would be your place of employment like a hospital or school or even immigration now I've had this happen to me in my personal life and it's very simple because every place what all these institutions whether it be school immigration or place of employment have a religious exemption now most of them don't even are not even aware that they might even have it I've had us have my personal life where I had to they wanted me to pay up sure money for vaccines and I explained to the doctor or the off the office of the doctor that that wouldn't be necessary and they said well just go ahead and bring your vaccine records I said well that wouldn't be necessary either and he said in the secretary said why asked why and I said because I'm gonna do a religious exemption and she was never it was like no one has ever had brought that up or asked her so she talked to her supervisor and then went up to the doctor and then he went to the back and you know blew the dust off the the file that had the language in there policies that allowed a religious exemption and so they brought this so I got on the phone with the doctor and talked to him about it now what goes into a religious exemption is an explanation of your convictions as to why you don't want the vaccine now this is important because some people obviously there's some conspiratorial reasons why we don't want them they're unhealthy they've been known to cause health problems but you cannot use this as a religious exemption you have to keep it purely on the Bible now so that means you cannot reference agenda 21 and if population control or the lowering of the human population the possibility of sterilization and cancer from the vaccines you cannot go down that road in your explanation you have to keep it on point and that's the Bible now I'm gonna read read this letter to you now this letter has been very successful for myself and friends and family who were in this predicament where they needed to justify religious exemption and it's very simple on a ridge for you but I'm also an include also going to include a link to a PDF file in the description of this video or maybe I'll just put the text itself in the description you just copy and paste that that um text if you are in this situation you might have to personalize it a little bit now before I read this letter to you let me just kind of summarize it first basically what the components that go into these vaccines is like animal DNA and like like monkey monkey kidney cells it's in the the description or the ingredient list of these vaccines and this would conflict with many passages of the Bible which teach that our body is isn't as bought with a price but with Jesus and we're not our own and our body is a temple the Holy Ghost and a bio teaches that you know you can't even touch and a dead animal and not be clean so why would you inject dead animal parts into your body I mean that would make you very unclean and the other part aspect of it is that part of the production process of exact scenes is they used aborted fetuses and this is abortion and because you as a Christian believe that life begins at conception so a vaccine that was produced at the price of a child is very sinful and partaking and murder you we're not going to get that radical in the letter but that's basically a summation of what it is now I'm going to read this letter to you and again you might have to personalize it for your own situation but the general gist is there it reads to whom it may concern I'm rain to request a religious exemption from vaccines my conscience as a Christian is conflicted as I have learned more about the components that are in or were used to produce many of these vaccines upon studying the components of vaccines I learned that DNA and protein from aborted babies have been used Jeremiah chapter one verse five states before I formed the in the belly I knew thee and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee and ordained thee a prophet unto the nations the Bible teaches that life begins at conception and so to receive a vaccine that was produced from aborted fetuses would conflict with my beliefs as a Christian I have also become more aware of the product of these vaccines which contains animal parts and this conflicts with Leviticus and 1st Corinthians in the Bible Leviticus chapter 11 verse 25 states news whoever Bharath odd of the carcass that's a dead body or animal of them shall wash his clothes and being clean until the evening even Leviticus of Luke chapter 11 verse 27 states and whosoever goeth upon his paws among all manner of beasts that go on all for those are unclean unto you who so touch ahthe their carcass shall be unclean until the even first Corinthians 6:19 States what know ye not that your body is a temple the Holy Ghost which is in you would she have of God and you're not your own now based upon the teachings of the Bible injecting these animal components that are found in these vaccines into my body would conflict with my conscious as a Christian and the teachings of the Bible now this last paragraph is used if basically you've had vaccines in