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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Applying

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Applying

Hello guys today I'm gonna show you how to file your your application forces for citizenship online this essential application before n400 right now as you know you can do it online you don't need to real paper so I'm actually on the USS homepage with HTTP ww usa.gov and at the top you can see if i online so when you once you click on fire online there is different type of application that you can do one lilac if you want to renew your green card if you want to ask some typos applique application for TPS sub-nought followed them and then right now we have the the n400 its application for US citizenship so on the home page you can click on file online I click on it as you can see you can pay fee the ein idee it's for replacement of permanent resident or if you want to win you visited application for travel document you can do it online too and then we got the n400 that you can do online okay so there is a bunch of way that you can end up here you can directly go to the n400 you will see the on the options let me show you if I go to the in four hundred and four hundred application example let me just an example so what I'm gonna see also okay so I'm right now on the end four hundred as you can see there is the hookshot online where you can click and you will end up directly so you will end up right here so this is going into creative the account that means before applying for the application of course isn't you need to create an account by the way you can directly go there by clicking my account that USCIS DHS goof let me read again if you go to my account that USCIS ditch is that coffee will go directly here well you can click on create account you can create account the first thing that you will into and you need an email so they ask you for your email okay so in this set up sections you enter your email twice and then you just click on sign up so what your god it's the confirmation email that has been sent to the email address that you enter it so he'll tell me to get verification send them so right now I'm going to log in on this you need to find a message okay so then I can't you see is the continuation so you just you need to click on it so to continue to to continue over the process I am you need to click on this like so this is the continue query with a card you must confuse click on the line below so latex on his luck so I click on the link so what be asking it to you to finish please create a password so you need to create a password understanding a newcomer for the password at least one upper one no okay a regulated at least one longer and then at least one of the following special Carter so the password should be between eight and 120 28 cracked okay so understand we're going to tree you got four criteria that you need to consider when you're creating the password so let's create the password so I'm creating my password right now so issues first of all in the open letter Music okay see it's good let's do it again say it's good so no I'm gonna click on something okay I'll Chuck Leavell sub me they actually you need to move on time password and then you can choose either by your mobile phone or you can choose by real - okay you should see my email which make each time you're gonna love it you do send your code so that you can log in dashes by EB so people's mobile okay one-time password okay slightly the one time so every time you're gonna login using the code okay sub so which means I need to go into my they need to check the one-time password I need to go to my email today the code okay I will check my email and I put the this the digit number for the one-time password and then I click Submit so you got also they give you also a backup codes so you need to wipe this balance so you understand it money the backward code which mean if for some reason I forgot your password in you you get this code this is a backup codes overhead this down so anywhere the backup codes on you and then you click on proceed okay okay here you got like one two three five six two questions okay so this is to help you if you you know give you your some way if you want to you know retrieve your account because it forgets password so education is helpful so just you got a bunch of choice choose just should we share that you can easily remember okay so that's really up to you example or what the name of the content of your shell jump in you know it's he'd only give me just browse okay so it's really up to you okay feel oil first pushing de so it's really easy so I will give you an answer of all the first question so I'm just gonna proceed click the next I'm gonna click on submit okay so here they're asking if you're the applicant most of the time you're gonna be the applicant because if you're watching you is because you're trying to do it by yourself is gonna be I'm the applicant but if for some reason you are an eager representative you will click this one and then you might need a power.

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