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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Certify

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Certify

Hi and welcome everybody today I'm going to be doing a video request on Microsoft Excel 2022 and how to pass your MOS excel exam so Emily asks can you maybe do a video on the functions that we're going to encounter on the MLS test and how they might be seen in G metrics so I just did a video on G metrics make sure you check that out if you have it already and then let's take a look at what we're going to see on the MLS exam if you're not aware the MLS exam is the certification exam for Microsoft Excel and basically I'm going to this test last week and so I'm going to go over what I encountered on that test and the best practices for you to make sure that you could pass that test as well as what you're going to see on it so let's take a look at my screen here and you can see that I have a spreadsheet right here what's on the spreadsheet isn't too important but these functions and different things that I'm going to cover throughout this video are basically what you're going to see on the mos exam so just to get us started the first thing that you might not know where it's at is it asks you to change the backstage title to something else you could find that in the file tab and you just go right here to title and I'll just call it mos prep whatever they ask you to change it to in the exam is fine you just go right there you change it you press Enter and you'll get the points for that version or that part of the exam another area that it asks you to change that's not necessarily a function or formula is right here it'll ask you to basically hyperlink a website so if I wanted to make a website for city of specific abay I would type out city of Pacific a Bay right there and then I'll go to insert tab links group and click hyperlink okay in the test it will bring up a page that looks like this and you can display the text that you want to display right there and then right down here you would display that website so you would just type in the website that it tells you to in the exam so I'll just type in whatever website you click okay and then you'll see it'll change the hyperlink okay so that's a little bit about backstage view and the hyperlink now let's look at some of the different things that it asks us in terms of the formulas and functions that you need to cover so one of the ones that kind of gets people a little confused is asks you in the test for the average over a specific number and so I put that inside of this column here and so basically we have our quarter one through four sales and then we have all of these different products over here so let's say I wanted to get the average sale for every sale that's over 400,000 well right here I would click inside this cell and I'm going to create an average if formula so I'm going to go to the formulas tab it's in my recently used and it's right there average if you could probably find it also in the more functions statistical area and then you go down to average if you click that then it's going to ask you for the range that you want to choose so you'll choose the range that is in your test in this case I want the Quarter 1 3/4 for for salary and benefits and then the criteria I'm going to basically just tell it to look for everything over 400,000 right ok and then I click OK and it's going to give me the average for all of the numbers that are over 400,000 in this case that's all of them but down here we'll see that that formula will work out a little bit differently so we see that since there's no numbers above 400,000 here is that you can't divide by same thing here so you should see the difference between the two and that shows you a little bit about what average if does as well as really how to work that function and complete that function all right so let's see here let's also take a look at the that what it asks us to do in terms of if functions okay and also let's look at one of the main functions before that let's look at the autosum so if you highlight an entire area plus the one below it or the one to the side one cell two below or one cell to the side you could use autosum so you just go to Home tab editing group and you click autosum and it's going to fill in all of those numbers okay now keep in mind this number is not going to work right there because you can't divide by zero so I'll just get rid of that but now we have our our total numbers four quarters one through four and then one of the functions that it definitely has mos test is the if function so let's see where we would find that you're going to go ahead and click on this area for goal status and you'll see that right here let's say I had a goal of two 2.3 million okay and so I want to hit that 2.3 million goal based off of this number right here so I would go to the formulas tab I would go to recently used but you could also find it in logical and go to if now if it's definitely on the mos test so.

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