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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Completes

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Completes

In this film we're going to look at how you fill in the financial statement if you have to do it yourself you have to fill in this form if you are going to caught about a financial issue after you've split from your husband wife or civil partner and live in England and Wales solicitors will call it form e until recently most people could get free help from a solicitor to fill in this form but now lots of people have to do it themselves it's a bit of a daunting prospect so that's why we've made this film to help I'm not a lawyer so I find it tricky too but this is how you do it you have to start to fill in this form as soon as possible because it can take ages to find all the information and documents you need and you need to send it in 35 days before the hearing I can't imagine you're watching this purely for entertainment so you might want to go and get your financial statement form now so you can see what I'm talking about you might want to pause me several more times as we go along so you can see what to feeling where when you're filling in your own form if you want to skip to a particular question the numbers will appear along the bottom of the screen you can find the form on the HMC TS website or just type form e into a search engine click on the file next to download you can either print it off and fill it in by hand as I'm about to do or you can do it on the computer whatever is more comfortable for you now if you're doing it on the computer the important thing is never to press this button it will delete everything you filled in and of course remember to save it regularly it will be very frustrating if something goes wrong and you have to do it again if you are going to print it off it's best not to print it double-sided the thing you will probably have noticed straight away and will probably have made you feel a little bit sick as it did me is how long it is but don't worry you can do it bit by bit and take your time if you don't have lots of valuable stuff and you don't have your own business then there'll be lots of it but you don't need to fill in so front page there is a box in the top right-hand corner that says to be completed by the relevant party that's me apparently the name of the court I can find at the top of the paperwork I've been sent about this and the case number again it's on the paperwork the applicant is the person who has asked the court for a financial order again that's me the respondent is my ex next on the left-hand side of the page there is a box with the word of above it I put my name in this box as it is my financial statement I was married so I took the spouse box and for now I'm going to leave the date blank as this should be the date you finish the form below that the parties are me and my ex next I take more boxes I'm a spouse again because I was married and I'm the applicant and this is a financial relief application and my ex is a spouse also the respondent I ignore the third line of tick boxes and again tick financial relief application at the bottom of the front page is a box next to the words this statement is filed by as you don't have a solicitor you put your name and address in this box the next few questions are quite easy I just have to fill in my details so I'll jump on to the next slightly tricky one which is 1.10 this asks about children of the family this just means any children you and your ex have together any stepchild adopted child and any other child whom you have both treated as a child of your family a child can be a child of the family even if they are the child of one or neither of you if you aren't sure then just put them down and the court can decide question one point 11 asks about your health and the children's you don't need to put anything here unless one of you has a health issue or disability that affects your income for example it means you couldn't work more hours if you put anything down here you will need a medical evidence to back it up if you don't have any issues just leave it blank question 1.12 ask for information about the children's education so for me both my girls go to summer for primary school next year our eldest Nicola will move to secondary school but we don't know yet which one the next one asks about any arrangements you've made about child maintenance this might be something you've sorted out between you done through child maintenance service or with the help of a mediator we've not sorted anything out yet it sets to agree the kids will live with me for most of the week so it'll be my X who pay some child maintenance if you haven't sorted anything out yet what you can do is go into the calculator on the child maintenance options website you put in your details and at the end it gives you an eof how much child maintenance he should pay and then you write it down the next section you only need to fill in if you are asking the court to change an existing financial order if you are then you need to explain.

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