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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Consecutive

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Consecutive

Hey their house go it is your muscle building coach Lee Hayward and I have an email question today and this one was sent in by it Johan and he's asking about push-ups he says I want to be able to do more push-ups I've been training for 10 years mostly with weights and therefore I'm not good at doing push-ups my personal best is 35 strict push-ups but I need to be able to do at least 50 strict push-ups for the job application that I thought I want says I'm in fairly good condition I trained 5 to 6 days a week with weights and cardio my problem seems to be that my body's preferred repetition range is between 5 and 10 reps and when I do a max number of push-ups my muscles get pumped and it's game over since I've tried different programs that I found on the Internet but I struggle to follow the numbers after a few weeks if you have any kind of program that you can make for me I'm more than happy to pay for it I acknowledge this is your job and you can't live from giving away free advice people from all over the world all the best yoga will Johan I am going to give you a free push up program right here on this video you don't have to pay a cent for it why I recommend you do first off before I actually get into the specifics of the push-up program that I'm going to recommend for you if you can do thirty five push-ups now and your goal is 50 you are very close to reaching your goal I mean that is very realistic very attainable and attainable in a relatively short period of time I mean you should be able to get up to that within a couple months of training or even less so you are close to your goal so that's that's a good sign right there first off the best way to get better and doing push-ups is to simply do more push-ups and how I want you to do these is do them as add-on workouts so instead of thinking that you can only do them say like you know once a week got chest day like Monday day one chest it and that thing you can throw in the push ups with your chest workouts or something like that think of doing push-ups on a regular ongoing basis this is something that you can do at home in your spare time and the more frequently you do them the better you're going to get them and the trick to doing push-ups frequently and to not over train by doing these frequent push-up workouts is stopping yourself short of failure I don't want you to hit the floor and you know do a max number of push-ups and train to failure I mean if you do that then yeah you're going to get a crazy pump in the chest and you're going to feel fatigued and exhausted and you're literally going to be breaking down the muscles because you're training yourself to your absolute limit you're training yourself to muscular failure I don't want you to do that now I mean there's advantages to training to failure of course I'm not going to get into that but I'm talking specifically improving your push-ups improving the volume and the repetitions that you can do what I want you to do instead is multiple sets stopping short of failure so instead of wrapping out and doing 35 reps to failure let's focus on doing multiple sets stopping short of that you know do sets of 10 reps do sets of 15 reps and multiple sets so for example like your goal is to do 50 pushups well let's start off doing 5 sets of 10 so you're doing the 50 pushups but your break can get up you're doing 5 sets of 10 and that should be very achievable for you I mean that should be an actually that should be an easy workout to bang up 5 sets of 10 so how you do it hit the floor 10 10 push-ups rest a minute or two and more push-ups rest a minute or two ten more and until you get your 50 total push-ups and do that on a regular basis doing it on a daily basis at home in your spare time and then what I want you to do is work out increasing the number of reps percent while still staying within your comfort zone so to speak still staying within stopping your sets short of failure so when five sets of 10 becomes easy let's try to do five sets of 15 I mean that's that's a very realistic jump especially if your current max is thirty five push-ups five sets of fifteen shouldn't be that challenging because you're still stopping well before failure when that becomes easy then let's try five sets of twenty you know and that's a good benchmark to get up to you know five sets of twenty or a hundred total push-ups that's a good benchmarking and by the time you're doing that on a daily basis you know a hundred total push-ups meaning 100 total repetitions not 100 in the single set but 100 broken up over the course of several sets once you drop to that point then I want you to take a few days off from doing push-ups entirely you know and take a few days off from working out let your body rest and recover if you want to do some exercise during this time you can do some you know moderate intensity cardio or something like that but don't do any strenuous weight training exercise like your joints tendons ligaments and your central nervous system rest up then I want you to test your max effort.

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