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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Coordinators

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Coordinators

Welcome to assignment number one for Microsoft Excel in 2022 we're going to use Excel to create a spreadsheet for our business we're going to launch the program and start a blank workbook now since this is the first assignment that we're going to do with Microsoft Excel we need to go through some of the things that you see in any spreadsheet first of all the spreadsheet is designed in organized according to cells just like in the game battleship where you have columns that are letters and rows that are numbers you can identify cells such as this one by such as g6 to enter in information into a cell you simply click it and start typing and so I'm going to type employee payroll press enter and you notice that this cell even though it extends into column B really it is only in a1 now let's use Excel as a payroll we're going to keep track of the hours that our employees worked this week and we'll keep track of their wages so first of all we need to put some column headings in so I'm going to put in the title last name and then first name and then I'm pressing tab between these keys so that it moves the selection moves to the right hourly wage and then I'm going to put in the date let's say January 1st and press Enter over here I'm going to say that this is the hours worked and this is their total pay so I'll just put the word pay now you notice you can expand a column by clicking between the column headers like between D and E now you can see the whole word the next thing you need to do is you need to invent some names so you get to come up with about 20 names maybe 15 for your employees I'll type them in now now you can see that I've invented names last names and first names and now I'm going to give them an hourly wage each person makes about fifteen dollars or so so I'll type in some numbers here you notice when you type in numbers they are right justified when you type in the person's name in your spreadsheet that they are all left justified that's just a convention that Microsoft Excel uses so that you can identify letters versus numbers now one of the items that you will most commonly use in Excel is formatting these are all hourly wages I'm going to select this range with my mouse by clicking and dragging the first square is actually highlighted even though it's white the other ones are grey but what I want to do is change them into a currency so I'm going to click on the dollar sign up here and you notice that they all become dollar signs they all are the hourly wage for each employee now let's invent a number for each of the employees for how long they worked the average work week for a full-time person is about 40 hours so I'll create wages or I'm sorry I'll create the number of hours that each person worked in this column after giving each employee a number of hours we're going to start working with formulas now over here on this line the square in e4 I'm going to create a calculated number a calculated cell if a person gets $15.90 an hour and they work for 40 hours how much do they get paid well fortunately the calculations in Excel are quite easy to do on my keyboard I'm going to press the equal sign and you notice up here in this area called the formula bar we have an equal sign as well as the equal sign in the cell now I'm going to click on the cell that has the wage in it 1590 when I click there the letter C 4 is entered into the formula bar C 4 is the wage $15.90 now I want to multiply 1590 so I'm going to press the shift in the eighth key which is the multiply sign and then I'm going to click the 40 the dot the number of hours that this person worked so my formula is equals to C 4 times the number that's in cell d4 when I press ENTER it'll tell me that this person gets six hundred and thirty six dollars if you go and change some of these numbers such as if we added an hour here and I type 41 and press Enter the calculation is automatically updated when you double click on a cell that has a formula you will see that the colors correspond to the cells that you clicked so c4 is in blue which is this number and d4 is in red I'm going to press ENTER again and it shows the numbers again Microsoft Excel has a nice feature where you can copy and paste formulas if I right click on this cell and choose copy and then I click on the next cell and choose paste it'll automatically calculate the next line you can also highlight a range and choose right-click and paste it will fill down where all of those numbers are why is this one locally look like railroad tracks or a bunch of pound signs it's because the value is actually too large to be held in this in the cell so I need to make the column a little bit wider and now it becomes visible another way to fill down if you want to you can go to the corner of a cell where there's little green dot and if you click exactly on the corner and drag your mouse down it will also fill down the values in that column and so now I've quickly calculated the pay for every single employee one more thing we're going to.

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