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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Dol

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Dol

With this doll okay guys so we're staying at a friend's house and that doll was not here I don't know if they came by I don't know we just barely got here weird things are happening Audrey showed up she got some weird note Music second dolls back to my room in my room where shall we oh my dad right here she was right there hi guys welcome back to that YouTube family yeah and we are the adventurers and on today's adventure we're going to try and ditch this doll that showed up at her house yeah this should not be there yeah we just I don't want to keep it at the house and we thought about just put it in the garbage can but I think she'll be able to get out the garbage kinda goes back into our house because somehow she always moves so we're gonna take her up in the king in and find a nice place for her yep yeah um the kids are little creeped out because they say she's watching her and when is she showed up in my broom a jig and tire so freaked out that evening when it comes and they kind of catch glimpses of her out of the corner of their eyes and so they're a little spooked and they don't want the doll around anymore so we're going to try and find a place to put her a new home yep let's go figure it out so you know that feeling you get when you are in a room just doing stuff throughout your day and you feel like someone's watching you that's what our house has been like lately everybody just has this creepy vibe like someone's someone's always there watching us and we think that the doll is watching us because look at her eyes look watch this and our third like this weird yellowy look she closes her eyes and I get us because but they open back up it's just and they'd like they're peering into your soul and then look at her teeth she's got a full set of teeth on there she has some chompers yeah a little bit weird and creepy so freaked out I'm taking care of her because I don't want it even had at me I think she can get mad at me I want her to be nice so I think that rock up there I think we'll just go put on that rock people walk on this trowel all the time maybe somebody'll take her and then adopt her Applause wow that's a good view I hope somebody will find her and take her believe that looks like yes I want sir she creeps me out I don't know yeah there's something strange with her like she's watching me okay guys check out these fall leaves though seriously it is so pretty up here with all the leaves starting to change colors mmm I think one of my favorite seasons is fall I love the colors I love the smell of the leaves they kind of decay I know that some of the girls but it's actually just I love the smell is so good just everything about fall is nice this would be a good at photoshoot spot actually this is where we did a photo shoot with Audrey and dirty buster yeah yeah my favorite time is fall as well just because look how beautiful the leaves are let's go up and see if we can find some red leaves Applause practicing balance like a pro Wow all right let's keep going so tell us what is your favorite season because I'm excited for fall I'm excited for Halloween I love Halloween we should take some pictures here okay I found a cool picture place and I want to get some good Instagram pictures so I'm teaching dad how to take some cool ones and I'm trying out a new method where you like hold out 3d and then said you don't go like that but like that far is like blur but like you're gonna leave on me okay and these are just chillin chillin hopefully this'll work I don't know I've never tried this before oh that's very good Lee one two three okay that's kind of cool like a little 3d effect right Jordyn loves to Instagram or post I know I'd love to take the pictures but then I always forget about posting them but you can follow me it just or 2:33 underscore an Instagram hey there's the picture Music please okay I know they're so prettier than super red these are my favorite yeah I love the red kind of pants so you get like the pinkish the green yellow red yeah okay you guys don't know I don't know if you guys some of you guys have noticed but I have like a bump right here hey can you see me on the side yeah I don't know I have like a bump right there I kind of covered it up a bit but fun fact it's three type of Jordans take a seat so I actually I was filming a video and I ran into a pole I go oh and jump oh so now I have a bruise right there and is like oh well that's cool so if you guys are wondering what that is it's yeah I ran into a boy I mean it's a big bum actually this is really funny isn't pulled kind of similar to them Jordan Jordan oh my gosh guys what is she that's what how'd she even get here okay I don't like this go on this is the same dog aizen are you sure it's the same Music yes God how is she doing that it has a on the back are we supposed to do well obviously she's following.

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