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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Employment

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Employment

As you may remember from part one the Patty Gibson's visit to the center as she was recording she entered the center she had bought her ticket for the Sunday brunch which was on Mother's Day she asked to see the licenses of the caterer which by Florida law should be already displayed she was refused and so let's shoot away eleven days later an armed agent of the government showed up at Patty's house patty did not know why and from what you're telling me I am trespassed that I cannot go back on to the center's property of deltona which I'm a taxpaying citizen whose bike paying dollars what to do have they told you the reason why it was trust passed and I can't go back onto that property per Volusia County Sheriff's Office directed 1.53 be they simply refer the deputy back to order statue eight 10.08 and eight 10.09 and that clearly does not apply to this situation whatsoever therefore they had no reasonable suspicion nor did they have any probable cause to do what they did to Patty this is Patty's first public records requests to pollution County Sheriff's Office regarding the visit from the armed agent to our home as you can see there is nothing for the date of Sunday May 13 2022 identified with the address at the center comma with a DLT however weeks later once the news journal got involved and Katie had done a PR are to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office this document was - catering as you can see there is a date for May 13th 2022 now and also notice there is no D after the center at deltona the timestamp on this one is 11:37 a.m. to 12 22 p.m. what was she doing he didn't really tell me anything but to come see you suck it in it's like Music yeah that's a little different I mean that's what we felt as she crossed the line okay well if she comes back he can either go through the channels as usual or just just call in to dispatch directly wow that's a little faster or whatever you want to do so all right all right sounds good no problem Cory talks nice to meet you no problem okay thanks apparently the easy explanation from Busch County Sheriff's Office may be that perhaps the deputy's body cam timestamp was somehow of a problem thank in Patty's attempt to find out what was going on after law enforcement had come to her home on me 20 on May 24 she sent Jane Chang an email asking her directly whether or not she didn't trust passed her from the Sentra however through a public records request yet again from Patty while she's attempting to figure out what is going on and what her status is she received a document containing an email thread where she had sent her requests about the trespass to Jane Shan then Joyce is requesting information from Volusia County Sheriff's Office who then replies in kind that they have absolutely nothing on patty Gibson or the center for anything at any time for any reason because of Patty's fear and frustration and not receiving an answer from anyone about anything having to do with this trespass and having it hanging out there this armed guard of Volusia County Sheriff's Office being at her front door no idea what's going on no one will answer those questions she wanted to protect herself obviously and had sent a cease-and-desist for any more harassment or intimidation actions buying through the city from foolish guys Sheriff's Office and their response to that was it to her a response to that was a forward from shame tomorrow our city our city to turn one of our city attorneys then Masha sends an email to skip telling skip that well oh my goodness looks like the captain's got nervous because Patty's pushing back pushing back standing up for herself asking questions because she has every right to know what what her status is she has no idea if she's going to be arrested at any time so yeah I would imagine the captain would get a little nervous because I think he may have realized oopsie I made a mistake by trusting Jane Chang's word about patty Gibson because now in this email as you can see Paul is asking for actual written information written statements of quote/unquote bad behavior by patty Gibson however if you'll note that the email at this time is well after the time of Mother's Day at the brunch which was May 13th and four days after law enforcement had already come to body Gibson's house when us ask the question first of all why with law enforcement move forward without something in writing already and then secondly why is it up to Jane Shang to be tasked with gathering what basically would be law enforcement and guest investigative information one can only question because clearly there are lots of holes lots of gaps and lots of things going on that are not in the emails then all of a sudden you've got your captain up district or saying oh whoa whoa we need something in writing Jane needs to give and guess what fast forward all of a sudden we've got all these things in writing first one on your list David Santiago Music you're elected representative the people is who he is supposed to be responsible for protecting their rights instead what he does is he's one more minion of Jane Chang's little army June 4th David Santiago claims that Patty herself was pushing a camera and in his face and again remember these are statements to law enforcement Music well you have a good day mr. Santiago the caterer refused to show me anything just so you know for your estate representative this is a public place I'm not.

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