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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Felon

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Felon

Yo what's up everybody a Superfly fat guy eight five nine coming at you again and it's actually extremely late or early in the morning depending on how you want to look at it I was just putting some stuff away and listening to videos and I had printed something out the other day that I decided to do a video on Welsh actually I put something away that I wanted to show that I just realized I want to show it shout out to the urban prepper um he put out a PDF document on hobo signs signs that hobos make indicating certain things like you know bad police good water a safe place to sleep stuff like that and I thought it was cool I thought it was a good addition to a bug-out bag so I actually printed out a few copies - I'm gonna have laminated and then put in like the bladder water bladder pouch or whatever in the in my backpack like my bug-out bag in my camp bag of stuff but anyway what else I printed out was this form right here application for restoration of firearms privileges um my mother and 1919 like 88 I guess what the prison on a drunk drug charge and there's not a violent charge or anything like that and she was in there for two or three years and she still doesn't have her rights back but I don't think she's really um made an effort to try it because you know she's lost she doesn't know where to go what to do whatever um so I'm gonna try to help her do that I'm gonna try to get her her rights back I did some research at Google with and stuff like that and the thing that I found was an ATF form which you see if it says the form here it doesn't but um let me see because I got it I have it on my computer so just in case anybody else wants to do this you know she's a felon but it's I mean she got out in like 91 or something like that so I mean we're well over 20 years here almost 25 years and she should definitely have her rights back by now she's a single woman living on our own well actually turn a girlfriend live but I mean two women living on their own in a house with you know little guns and stuff but like they don't have any way to protect themselves if anything happens happens so um the form I don't think that's because the form is under a file name but I don't think that's the right um I don't think that's what it's called I should have did this before I did this damn video uh form oh it is okay it's form three two one oh one hour well for okay four three two one zero - one that's the name of the form that I've found on the internet uh two to fill out so that's what we're gonna do I I don't remember where I put it but I went to and it was like the 18 you gotta give all this stuff because I don't know the exact web addresses up I googled the ATF I got the closest aide ATF office closest to us I got the address and everything we're going to fill that out or well she's going to fill it out uh we're going to mail it to the ATF office and we're going to see what happens I don't know what other way to go about this I've asked questions but I haven't really gotten a hold hot so I've done my own research as best as I can and we're gonna fill this out mail it in and see what happens hopefully it's an easy process but I will update you when she gets something back whether it's a go screw your stove or whatever I will do an update video you know saying yeah your nay if they decline if they said it's an old form because it is from like June of 2022 so they might say it's an old form we're not accepting these but they might give me a new one and say here fill this out and send it back in whatever I don't know what's going to happen but we're going to go we're going to go on this route to restoring my mother's firearms privileges well I call them right but whatever uh um so yeah she was you know she was she was uh she was intertwined and some bad things when I was a very very young child but my mom has long since free they have been rehabilitated I don't even think mom's been arrested and I'm a probably 18 19 20 years probably so I mean she's lived a very quiet life in the last we'll say 20 years so I'm hoping uh I'm hoping we can we can get this resolved because as a firearm person now as a gun guy so to speak I would feel better with my mother having the option of having a shotgun by her bed legally so anyway guys we're going to do this and giving update I don't know in how or what it's going to be or anything like that but it will be an update so everybody eating or easy.

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