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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Governing

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Governing

Music every day of your life you move through systems of power that other people made you sense them do you understand power do you realize why it matters how are something we're often uncomfortable talking about that's especially true in civic life how we live together in community in a democracy power is supposed to reside with the people period any further talk about power and who really has it seems a little dirty maybe even evil but power is no more inherently good or evil than fire or physics it just is it governs how any form of government works it determines who gets to determine the rules of the game so learning how power operates is key to being effective being taken seriously and not being taken advantage of in this lesson we'll look at where power comes from how it's exercised and what you can do to become more powerful in public life let's start with a basic definition power is the ability to make others do what you would have them do of course this plays out in all arenas of life from family to the workplace to our relationships our focus is on the Civic Arena where power means getting a community to make the choices and to take the actions that you want there are six main sources of civic power first there's physical force and a capacity for violence control of the means of whether in the police or a militia is power at its most primal a second core source of power is wealth money creates the ability to buy results and to buy almost any other kind of power the third form of power is state action government this is the use of law and bureaucracy to compel people to...