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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Hires

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Hires

What up guys boy 16 coming at you from six reviews and today as you can tell my quick OTD I have the footlocker top on with wait for it boom the footlocker name tag I don't work out the locker anymore but I just kept this stuff but I want to give you guys tips on how to get hired at Foot Locker or you know what you can take any of this advice I give you guys to any retail places you want your hire to footlocker is an amazing place to work especially if you're younger it's a good place to get your foot in into the retail world it's not the hardest shop but it's also not the easiest job and sometimes getting a job these days is just hard in general the economy is not good I'm not going to go into a financial ramp because I just know the economy is not good because I watched news in this thing about getting a job sometimes especially if you don't have any references it's difficult to get a job so I'm gonna give you guys three simple tips on how to get a job at Foot Locker and here we go number one and number one is the process that goes before even you bring a resume to the footlocker is you go to that footlocker you look presentable you just wear nice kicks and you find out who the manager is beforehand without making it obvious and you go and you just really talk with that manager showing that you you have a personality show them that you do loves you show them that you know about shoes or you love retail where you love customer service and this way when the manager gets a vibe for you you've already set a good rapport with the manager now this means that you might have to go to the store multiple time and you are gonna buy a pair of shoes anyway so you might have to buy a few pairs of shoes and make sure the manager recognizes you and you're not sucking up but that you're presentable that you're well-spoken and that you can talk to the manager whether been he or her and they now know that you are a normal person that is able to speak English or whatever language you can speak that you are able to build this friendship with them based on just buying sneakers at the store number two after building that relationship with the managers this could take like a month this could take a few months so can even take a week or even just one day I don't know it depends on your skills I'm building relationship with that manager the next thing you want to do is casually ask them the hiring process for that store or even if they're hiring in general and this is a really difficult part because you want to make sure the manager knows that you're not hustling that manager saying that you're only talking them to get a job but at the same time you want to make sure the manager knows that you're assertive and saying look like I want the job and I'll help you out I know my kicks I know myself anyways like I just want the job so you got to casually bring it up and let's just say the manager's name is Tom I'm gonna do a quick roleplay I hope you guys can follow up along with this Oh what up tom y'all how's it goin man yo yo have you been feeling to her ah jeez I knew her obstacles I can't wait oh you're the Kobe 11 oh my gosh that us a call with dope as heck yeah man you know what I really wish that they can make a Canadian colorway yeah yeah Tom no I feel you I feel you and then after that you kind of set them the quadric question like hey Tom how you doing these days okay good good yeah no that's not sweet and then Tom will respond and ask you back how you're doing and this is your chance this is when you say yeah and your life is good with me you know going back to school or in finish school just ready for that next step this is when you slip that that main sentence in be like hey you know what I actually love the vibe of this bull locker like what's your hiring process like at this Foot Locker I don't know why I keep on looking I'm just imagining like a random person here and ready when you do that if you've built your good rapport with the managers they'll say one of two things and I promise you it'll be one of two things first thing will be that they're not hiring but they'll say hey you know what keep it we'll keep your resume on deck don't worry about it and the second thing that this a be like y'all adult that sounds great bring your resume in and let's set up an interview now this is a really important step because right when you get set up with an interview with the manager directly you've already built a rapport with his manager he knows you or she knows you and now this footlocker or champs and you this relationship can blossom into a job opportunity step 3 this is only if you get to the interview stage of footlocker but make sure that you're asking the managers questions to show that you're actually interested in the job at the end of interviews they'll ask you a question hey do you have any questions for us this is when you're able just to respond and engage with them and show them that you're actually interested in getting this job whether it.

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