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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Recipient

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Recipient

Hi there Jamie Keith here tonight a teacher's Tek hope you're having a great night tonight tonight I want to show you how to make a group inside the new Gmail so they've changed a little bit how you go about it have some things called a little differently so why do you want a group it's just so if you compose a message you can write I'm a groups name and then all the people that you've added to the group great you can send it to them with just writing the one thing can save you a lot of time so to do this go up to your app launcher google app launcher up the top and what you're looking for is contacts so if I scroll down the contacts you'll see it down here if you don't want any of your apps or you can move them around so in this case if I knew I was gonna use contacts lots just drag it up into a situation where you want it so maybe I want this right up to the top over here and I can leave it there so I'm gonna go open up my contacts here so I've just put in a few different example names here to make a group but it's not called a group anymore we're gonna call it a label you can see over on the side and just a note this is a new contacts too you can see how I can switch to the old version here so they've updated the look to this too if I go over to here and I create a label now and I'm just gonna call this example group here so I'll call this example a group and I'm gonna hit OK...