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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Recipient

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Recipient

Hi there Jamie Keith here tonight a teacher's Tek hope you're having a great night tonight tonight I want to show you how to make a group inside the new Gmail so they've changed a little bit how you go about it have some things called a little differently so why do you want a group it's just so if you compose a message you can write I'm a groups name and then all the people that you've added to the group great you can send it to them with just writing the one thing can save you a lot of time so to do this go up to your app launcher google app launcher up the top and what you're looking for is contacts so if I scroll down the contacts you'll see it down here if you don't want any of your apps or you can move them around so in this case if I knew I was gonna use contacts lots just drag it up into a situation where you want it so maybe I want this right up to the top over here and I can leave it there so I'm gonna go open up my contacts here so I've just put in a few different example names here to make a group but it's not called a group anymore we're gonna call it a label you can see over on the side and just a note this is a new contacts too you can see how I can switch to the old version here so they've updated the look to this too if I go over to here and I create a label now and I'm just gonna call this example group here so I'll call this example a group and I'm gonna hit OK on this one now you can see I have an example group where I can go back and edit it or delete it at any time or I can create more but if I click in it nothing's in it so I have no labels no contacts in there at that time so to add some if I go over back to my contacts and I hover over I can click under more actions here click on it you can see I could add Jane Doe now I have a checkmark beside it to my example group I click over and she's in it so if I go back to my contacts and I'll just add a couple more so I click example group that ones in there and I'm just gonna add one more I know I only have four here for an example example group so I should have three in there you can see the three shows up I click on it and all three are in it so now what does this do for me to speed it up I'm gonna go back over to my gmail here and I'm just gonna compose a message so click on compose and I'm gonna start typing example group and you can see there's the example group with the names in it so if I click on that and I can send a message and I'll just call test and I can go ahead and hit Send and it will send to those three so it's gonna saves you some time if you know the group's if you if there's some people that you're sending out often create that group maybe it's a family group fan group created in contacts and then it's gonna save you some time sending out those emails from Gmail from this new Gmail so I hope you liked this tip tonight about the new Gmail if you have make sure you have make sure you share with a few other people hit that like button and remember I do these weekly tech tips and be like what you see please subscribe to my channel thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.

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