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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Recipients

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Recipients

Hello everyone this is Anson from Anson Alex dot-com and in this video we're going to talk about sharing Google Documents with non-google users so if you haven't checked out my 2022 video series on Google Drive or Gmail make sure you check those video series out I'll link them in the description of this video here on YouTube but in this video we're really just going to go over the options that we have when sharing documents with non Google users so we have a few different options some of them are more secure than others so here I am in my Google Drive account and you'll notice that I have this test document now the easiest and most secure way to share a document here in Google Drive is to share it with a Google user so if they have a Google account if they have a gmail account you can obviously right-click on this document go to share click on share again and then you can go ahead and add their email address down here at the bottom and give them edit permissions but this video is geared towards sharing documents with non Google users so let's take a look at how we can do that there's really two primary options so I'm going to cancel out of this for now the first option would be to send this document as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF another format other than in Google format so in order to do that I could right click on this document again go to share and then this time I could choose email as attachment now for those of you who watched my Google Drive 2022 video series you probably saw that this was in that video series so it's pretty straightforward you click on the email as attachment link and then you can go ahead and you can choose the format of the file that you'd like the file to be in so generally speaking it's going to be either PDF Microsoft Word format or if this was a spreadsheet we could send it in Excel format so once we choose our desired format we could choose Microsoft Word then we can just go ahead and choose the email address we'd like to send it to it could be a non Google email address okay so you just enter the email address here we could do admin at ants and Alex comm then you're subject in the message and then this document will be attached in this format so that's one way now if you actually want to share a Google Doc with an on Google user and have them view it in the Google format you actually can do that now it's somewhat of a new feature here in Google Drive but I will let you know that it is less secure so what you can do is you can go ahead and find your document right click on it go to share and then click on share again like you were sharing this with a Google user now at the top you'll notice that there is this first permission which is the the overall permissions of this file and we can see that right now by default that permission is set to private so only first of all me the person who created this document and then anybody I list below has access to this document however if we click on this change link to the right of private you'll notice that we have a few different options we have the option of making this public on the web which would allow non Google users to access this file but it would also allow anybody to search for an access this file so this is super super not secure that's the permission that you're only going to want to use for documents that you really do want anybody to be able to see now anyone with a link this is a kind of middle-ground permission where we're basically opening this document up anybody who has the link can access it which means people are going to be able to search for it and find it but if I send them the link via email they can click on that link and access this file now the reason you have to be careful is because that means anybody in the world could access it now you'll see in a second here what this link looks like it's going to be very hard to guess it's a very long string of numbers we'll be able to see it up here actually we'll see it in this box once I click Save here but it still opens that document up so you need to make sure that you're not sharing any documents that have confidential information in this manner however if it's not confidential but we just want a client to see we can go ahead and share with anyone with the link and you'll notice down here we have the option of which access we'd like to give people so if we actually choose you'll notice that says no sign-in is required if we actually choose edit and we choose the option anyone with a link and I go ahead and save this you'll notice that the overall permission is now changed we have this really long link up here at the top where it says link to share now I can go ahead and I can copy that and I could send it by email you'll notice that there are some easy ways to share this link that Google provides for you can send it through Gmail Google+ Facebook Twitter however you want to get this link to the person that needs to see this document let's go ahead and take a look at what it would look like for that person so what I'm going to.

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