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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Rehabilitation

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Rehabilitation

My name is Christy drouin I respect the Covenant here Atlanta Medical Center before I met voc rehab I was in high school like everybody else time to apply for colleges I would thinking of being an animator because I loved to draw but I found out that they do a lot of computers these days and I rather do freehand though but I tried to do some different tests trying to figure out what would be a good major in college I got introduced to vocational rehab through the special ed department at the high school they called me and they said they were going to set up a meeting and then she kind of explained everything how they would work with her to get into college after she was done college they would work with her to apply for jobs and then they would stay with her but at least I think it was six months after she was in a full-time working position and I was very impressed with that she was referred to me by her high school teacher when Kristy and I first met she came to the office and we started discussing what she wanted to do she mentioned the county but she also mentioned she loved to draw she showed me some of her samples she has a wonderful talent we also discussed and using the Annette which gives all kinds of information on jobs her other loves math so we pursued that by founder Kennedy and I like to organize I'm okay with numbers so I thought I'd do that to make a living when I was in college via came to me and gave me a provider to help me find a job I got to learn how to make a lot of resumes cover letters and phone call just try to find a job my name is sandy Allen and I work for central me health care the director of accounting and I'm also Christine supervisor I've we were impressed with what she was able to do so when her internship period was done we arranged for her to continue working here as a temporary and that temporary position kept extending and extending and standing again because she the longer she stayed here the more valuable she became to us one of our regular employees was going to be leaving and heading out on an independent venture of his own and she was able to apply and take that position so that's when she became a full-time I did account up here my responsibilities journal entry I thought that title across do bank deposit he's very independent she has her own apartment she has a job that she really seems to enjoy and the people there back working with her super Kristi's greatest assets are her willingness her desire and her ability to learn just now learn more about planning consent that she's helping me learn they also have a new hobby college where I want to do landing up by fighting I really loved it because dance with a bunch of people during a campaign I just love lying down sir you but I've learned about myself through the work variant and that I can do it if I would have talked to someone about book we have others they go ahead and get it they're very supportive they were there for me so I hope that happens for everybody else they help me get to where I am now and I'm very grateful for that you.

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