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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Submission

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Submission

Welcome today we're going to set up and configure your brother machine to scan to a network shared folder this video will cover multiple models and operating systems even though your machine may not match the model on the screen the overall process will be the same before you begin you'll need to verify that the date and time are set correctly on your machine we will begin by locating the IP address for your brother machine by printing a network configuration report from the basic function screen press the Settings icon on the touch screen press all settings arrow down and press print reports arrow down again and press network configuration press yes once the network configuration report prints you'll need to locate your IP address on the report you'll need this information later in the process next you'll need to create a shared folder create the folder by right-clicking on your desktop or window and selecting new then select folder right-click on the folder and select properties then click on the tab bar cheering and set the folder to share after you've shared the folder you'll need to make a note of the network path listed within the folder you'll need to use this to configure your brother device for the purposes of this video we will copy and paste the network path into a text file for later use next open a web browser on your computer and in the address bar enter your IP address from the network configuration report then press ENTER on the keyboard depending on your network your IP address may look different than the one shown here if your brother machine is password-protected you'll need to enter the password in the login box click on the scan tab and then click on scan to FTP / SFTP slash Network / SharePoint next you'll need to set up a scan profile to set the profile to scan to a network shared folder select the radio button next to network then scroll down and click Submit to configure your new profile click on the side link mark scan - FTP / SFTP slash network / SharePoint profile there you should find the network profile you've created click on the profile to start your configuration changes first select a profile name for this video we will use the name network scan but you can choose any name you wish next enter the network folder path you recorded earlier you can also change other settings such as file name quality or document size at this time or later as needed next you'll need to pruser authentication this is usually the user name and password of the account or computer where the shared folder resides if that account is on a domain you may need to enter the domain name along with your username and password once all your settings are complete click Submit finally click yes to test the network connection if you receive the test ok message your setup is complete you can now start scanning to your network folder if you receive an error message review your settings and resubmit for more tutorials f accusing videos visit us at thank you for choosing brother.

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