Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Submitting

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Submitting

Hello everyone I am Romi and in this video I'm going to show you that how you can send data without reloading page using jQuery and ex master so let's get started if we are going to use the jQuery we definitely need to download daiquiri library so to do that you need to go to slash download and there you can download the compressed version of the jQuery this is the latest version right now you just have to copy the link then you can use the script tag to insert this link or you can simply download it and rename it and put it in your web hosting I'm going to work inside this directory as you can see and I have downloaded the jQuery and renamed it to jQuery DOJ's okay so let me show you what we are going to you know make in the end so if you don't want this you can skip or watching this video or you can search on youtube for more videos this is what's going to happen we're going to type in something and then user press Enter the data will be sent to you the other file and the information is sent back to the file so without reloading as you can see the page is not reloading type another thing this is what's gonna happen you know this is how we're going to work so let's get the starting now we're going to work inside the directory send that out of that reload there it is the jQuery file is right there as you can see and right here - so now we are going to work and the index dot PHP file we're going to make a new file and we're going to name it and next our PHP or you can alternate index dot HTML and let's get started send data without reload that's the title we don't really need to start for this video the very first thing we need to add a bj curry tag inside the jQuery that we don't don't want it and this is how we add that jQuery we're working in the same directory so we don't have to define the directory in forward slash and then the jQuery the J credo Jansing the same jacket so it will be added we say refresh go for you as you can see it's right there and it's working so now after that are we going to create script tag like this there we going to write the jQuery code to send it out of that reloading the page and as always the dollar document the ready function function there it is if to test if the jQuery is working perfectly then you can simply type the search box right here because this is the jQuery main tag to test if the document is completely ready then we can test it learn everything there it is it means it's work in the jQuery so now for example if you have a div tag with the ID container okay and there you have the input tags type is equal to B text it could be anything and name we don't really need this the attribute name because we are not going to work using the PHP if you just want to use the PHP then the name is very important that is what will be sent to this event as you can see we're not using the form tag - we don't really need that church all you need is the ID tag ID and this is the main thing it could be name you know name okay and placeholder type here and press Enter refresh there is okay so now it's done let's work right here so the very first thing we need to do is to select the next select that using the ID name this is the selector so we're going to select this text box because the ID is named so this is our we selected we selected that and we're going to use the focusmaster on this so when the user will go to this page this text box will automatically you know will be selected as you can see that blinking culture right over there that's perfect okay so now we're going to see we're going to check if the user has pressed in Turkey how do we do that so this is how we're going to check because we the user will be you know typing something right here and he's gonna press enter when he is focused in this textbook so we have to select the same text block box and now we're going to bind this math key press and the function and the function we're going to go for the event that is going to happen and then we're going to you know create a new variable key and we're going to assign it to T okay even turn key code that is how we're going to select the code whatever the user will press here will be assigned to the key okay so if you're using Firefox we need to use these two even thought key code everybody called even dot which ever it is not done so to test it we cannot simply alert or we can you know create a new div using the result ID that's it now we can you know select that result text key so what's going to happen the first thing is document is ready it will focus that text box because the ID is named they're ready to be selected that and now while the user is typing something in the text block and the key press the function will be you know we've worked on this using the event and if the key code whatever the key code will be assigned to the key variable and we're going to show.