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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Supplemental

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Supplemental

So you might have asked yourself what are some good forms of iodine well I'll go through a few of them for you so the first one is lugol's lugol's is a solution the most popular one that you can buy on Amazon and that I use and works well as J crows J crows liugong solution 2% 94 % distilled water 4% potassium iodide 2% iodine I don't know why I'm talking like that I'm sorry it works it works well then there's nascent iodine nascent iodine is basically a charge to form of iodine it is supposed to be more bioavailable which means your body absorbs it better and utilizes it more efficiently in the body someone say that because of that you need less of it in order to produce the same results as taking other iodine supplements the next one is I odor all that is a tablet that is usually fairly expensive usually comes in 12.5 milligram tablets and 7.5 107.5 Tom 7 point 5 milligrams of potassium iodine 5 milligrams of iodine there we go and so then there's kelp or seaweed which is a fairly unreliable source of iodine you know depending on the source and where it comes from it may have more or less iodine the other thing that you got to keep in mind if you haven't heard already is a lot of the seaweed comes from Japan with the Fukushima nuclear reactor waste disaster a lot of that those kelp and seaweed crops are are contaminated with the with some level of radiation so that's a concern there I did notice that there's a country life brand of Norwegian kelp I would imagine it's it's a Norway away from the Fukushima radioactive seaweed so that's that's a possibility then there's things like Oz Iost at emergency tabs and their high dose you don't want to get those the Iowa stat ones for example are 130 milligrams if you're looking to take this as a as a daily supplement or in every now and then supplement this is not what you want to get that high dose of 130 milligrams is in the case of like okay you know there's just a we just had a atomic bomb drop and there's nuclear fallout well there's some some of them the radioactive fallout is going to be radioactive iodine so to to prevent your body from inhaling and absorbing that radioactive iodine you're going to take a high dose of healthy natural normal iodine to saturate thyroid so when the radioactive ones come in your body's like we're good we don't need that we're all set here and then you know can kick it up so which one is better I don't know you know people swear by every form that there is usually it's just the brand they all work well if you have a good brand as far as the lugol's go I use that because not only does it work well but it's cheap it's is really inexpensive the one thing you do have to worry about is the fact that this erodes iodine is somewhat in reactive and so over time this dropper this is actually a different dropper that I used to to replace the broken off a chewed up rubber cap that used to be used with this so I think that's the most cost effective and efficient one but I would do your own research in and and you might have to sometimes you have to do a little trial and error because everyone's body is a little bit different you know I've read plenty of reviews where some people did the lugol's it didn't work for them then they try the eyelid roll and then the opposite has been true people that have tried the iota roll it's done nothing we switch the lugol's and it's the best day on the planet for them so in any regards iodine is an important supplement for some people it could be a lifesaver so you need proper thyroid function to do that you need iodine it's going to give you energy it's going to keep you from being constipated it's going to be able to - for you to recover from stress and from exercise faster it's going to be able for you to have healthy hair skin and nails it's important in just about every cell in the body which most people don't know so iodine yay iodine if you have any comments or questions please but those below please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already I will see you next time in the next video you.

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