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After you've applied for unemployment benefits you must submit a claim every week to get paid start submitting your weekly claims the first week after you apply for benefits even if you are waiting for a decision on your eligibility for benefits or appealing a decision you can submit your weekly claims on our website or by phone at Music Music tell us the number of hours you worked during the week if any and report any wages you earn even if you don't get paid until later when you report income give us the amount you earned before any taxes were taken out to receive unemployment benefits you must be able and available for work and you must make at least three job searches each week Music you can enter your job search activities online including employer contacts and workshops you attend at a WorkSource Center Music Music to report an employer's contact search for the occupation title that best matches the position then search for the employers name provide the additional requested information keep a copy of your job search log we may require you to show us proof of the searches you've made you must wait until a week is over before you submit a claim a week is over at 11:59 p.m. Saturday if you use our automated phone system you have from 12:01 a.m. Sunday until 4:00 p.m. Friday which is usually the last working day of the week to submit your claim for the previous week you can submit your claim online any day of the week but you still need to wait until a week is over the first week you claim and are eligible for unemployment is called your waitin week you must meet all our requirements and submit a claim for your waiting week but you will not be paid for it you will start getting paid after you submit your second weeks claim good luck and remember to visit work source wacom for help with your job search Music

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