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And when we think about global warming on the rise and the auto industry in decline, it's time to consider a whole different approach to personal transportation. That's both environmentally responsible and economically feasible. Our next speaker, Ryan Chen Hao, hails from MIT and his fellow PhD students at the smart cities group are working on, I've got to get this right, a foldable, stackable, shareable electric city vehicle that rethinks urban mobility. Please join me in welcoming Ryan Qin. Thank you. Today's automobile weighs over 20 times that the driver, and often if you look at a comfortable chair today, the one that you're sitting in, it takes about 10 square feet. But an automobile takes over 200 square feet. Cars, gasoline-powered cars, typically rest most of the time. 80% of the time, it's being parked, taking valuable urban real estate. Cars are designed to go over 100 miles per hour, even though in cities, we drive 25 to 35. Because of that, we have a real disjoint between what exists and what we don't have. And what's interesting also is that 99% of the cars that we use today are petroleum-based, used petroleum-based fuels. And of course, that supply chain is problematic. And of course, if you think about all the negative externalities of automobile use, including congestion and carbon emissions based in our cities, we have a real problem. Now, this is not to say or demonize the auto industry. In fact, the auto industry is a key enabler of our global economy. Goods and services depend on transportation to really get us around. However, we think it's a really good time to radically rethink the automobile, particularly in cities themselves. Our group called Smart Cities at the MIT Media Lab is very interested in rethinking the automobile and also...