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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Veteran

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Veteran

Self-employment grants for service-connected disabled veterans how's college been hustle nation our welcome to this week's money Monday i'm brian with vet hustle comm and today we're going to talk about self-employment grants for service-connected disabled veterans so what i'm going to do here is i'm going to dive into my computer screen so if you just simply just typed in know google which you might have done for the self-employment grants for service disabled veterans and you're searching for ideas and ways maybe of your service-connected looking for that self-employment grant to help you grow and build the business there's all kinds of different options and i'm sure you might be even wondering about it voc rehab programs for your self-employment grant to help you grow and build the business now here's the thing is that i've done a lot of extensive research when it comes to actual grants to build veteran owned businesses and there's a lot of different grant opportunities i've even gone over a couple that I've had that I've gotten access to over the last year I've received little over three thousand dollars now in grants and grant money I'm expecting a little bit more actually towards the end of this month so I do have a little bit of experience but they're typically because I've involved in other type of veteran programs which I talked about in other videos so what I'm going to do is I'm going to dive into my screen real quick and I'm going to change from this video this video to show you here what I see on my screen as far as when it comes to researching this information now when it comes to voc rehab there's different categories and there's different track programs depending on your connection and how voc rehab voc rehab can be very confusing and I know there's a lot of mixed information on here however I pulled this so let's go here now to the video here so I pulled this here directly from the VA website so I just typed in you know self-employment grant for service disabled veteran and if I go here you'll see that right from the VA website they list here different categories on you know special self-employment assistance or services and they have different categories that rank this so the category includes veterans who meet all three of the following conditions veterans determined by the VA to have the most severe connected disabilities and require self-employment and or homebound training to achieve vocational rehabilitation so what they're saying here in order to be categorized in this category to be able to qualify for a potential grant you have to basically be determined by the VA that you're not able to really work for anybody and in order for you to even generate income self-employment is really the only option for you and what they're saying is that they can provide assistance when it comes to specific trainings and other types of programs to help you rehabilitate what it is that you need to be able to generate income now if you look at it talks about furthering so the following self-employment assistance and services may be provided for category one veterans as necessary to help them successfully begin and operate their own businesses comprehensive training minimum stocks of materials such as inventory good essential equipment machinery that sort of thing so they might be able to help and purchase that sort of stuff for you a category two self-employment assistance for other veterans right so these veterans have determined by the VA to have employment handicaps or veterans with serious employment handicaps but service-connected disabilities right keyword which are not determined to be most severe so category two would be a level right below that category one and what this category saying is veterans in category two may be furnished any of the special assistance and services identified in category one so you might be qualified to receive some of the benefits that are part of category one but not all of them because you're not being completely service-connected to where you can't do anything you have to do self-reported right so this can include some training maybe some management small business stuff most likely for miix Riaan what I've talked about other veterans I'm going to refer you to the SBA right that's what they do licenses or other fees required for employment and self-employment so if you require some sort of a license possibly even a certification they might be able to help you with some sort of a grant to help fund that for you to pay it for that for you and in personal tools typically this could be maybe a computer printer these sort of things to help you that you may need I've heard of some veterans getting desks and other supporting equipment to help maybe if you can't sit around for a long time they might be able to help you with the desk to where you can stand on that and work from that desk right so it can include supplies so you can see here full or partial payment lease or rental payments that's pretty cool a purchase or rentals of cars and trucks and other so that's pretty cool right if I mean if you qualify me from my experience when I went into the book rehab program it's just I hear different things I know some veterans who've gotten have you equipment purchased for their businesses all kinds of computers computer equipment but then you know other vets have a harder time so there's a lot of mixed stuff out there when it comes to this but there's different categories category 1 category 2 there's also known as tracks right track 1 track 2 track 3 a track 3 in the book rehab I believe is the self-employment route it's all about having a good.

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