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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Veterans

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Veterans

Music when the flash hit yeah you could see the x-rays of your hands through your closed eyes to say it was frightening is an understatement we're basically used guinea pigs there's no other word for it the threat of nuclear war hasn't been this high since the Cold War we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea to better understand this existential danger I want to speak to soldiers who've experienced atomic bomb explosions up-close well everyone knows about Hiroshima and Nagasaki few are aware that an additional 2022 atomic bombs were detonated after World War 2 and tested on hundreds of thousands of young soldiers to prepare them for nuclear war most nuclear tests were performed by the United States and Russia but 20,000 British soldiers were also involved these missions were secret and up until recently the veterans weren't allowed to discuss them only a few of these men are still alive today I've been invited to a reunion of atomic veterans in a village near Bristol the veterans have traveled from all over the country to share their experiences I wonder if they're more concerned about the threat of nuclear war that my generation is as they have experienced the power of these weapons first time when I arrived the room is full of old men playing bingo it's hard to imagine that they have seen atomic bombs detonated my name is Peter bond so did the area for five years in the Pacific for the locust testing my name is Douglas Hearn when I was 21 years old I was sent to Christmas Island and witnessed five nuclear detonations that was the defining point in my life that governed what my life was going to be like from the moment I saw the first one stood in front of it my name is David were the age of 18 they sent me to the nuclear test site it was utter devastation didn't know anything about it when we went we didn't know what we're gonna do when we went only to be told it would be testing bombs we were told nothing we knew nothing we were told very little about the day except don't look at the flesh Music can you describe the day that the nuclear bomb was dropped and just before the Sun comes up we were marshaled in groups we are went out on the aircraft carrier the warrior and we was told to face the stern of the ship the back of the ship we were told to we'll cover our eyes with our hands will bury your eyes into the group of your arm which we did Music to say it was frightening is an understatement I think it shocked us all into silence when the flash hit you you could see the x-rays of your hands through your closed eyes it was just sheer brilliant light so I've never seen endian glowing it never dad done in the process of behinds up your eyes you saw every bone in your hand if I was looking at you now I would see all your bones you would see all the blood vessels and everything of the bone so long then the heat hit you and that was just as if somebody my size had actually caught fire then walked through me it was an experience that was absolutely unearthing you it was so strange some of the lads would stand up about 30 odd seconds later you'd get the blast and the blasts would not give fly and there were guys with bruises and broken limbs we couldn't believe here after a while we were told that we can now stand and look up and watch to be mushroom full you caught sight of at the side of it at 90 degrees it was such huge it wasn't there it wasn't there it was there it was practically above here all they saw was his rising fireball a colossal fireball is going up and thunder lightning you name it what I noticed was was the clouds moving away like that you know round and round and round I think it was a too much with some of them and some of them were crying and asked for their mom that was awful there was no comprehension that anything like that could even exist if it was immense it's a sight to see but never want to see it going Music over a 10-year test period there were twenty two thousand five hundred personnel in 2022 we estimated that eighteen and a half thousand dollars had died and the reports that I'd seen nobody who died practically of natural causes they all died of leukemias and cancers carcinomas of one sort or the other does this correspond to what radiation does to a human body they're saying is guys couldn't have children people's children suffer from numerous ailments and things that came come out twisted bones in how did it affect you and your children are married when I got back to the UK and my first daughter was born in 1960 and sadly by the time she was 11 she developed a problem which completely changed her appearance she grew humble on her back she was started to grow hair all over a body we had to shave her twice a day she suddenly passed away in my arms my youngest daughter I think is at worst she she's had everything wrong everything and it's still going wrong she lost all her teeth same as I did I lost all my teeth within a shield Spicer Tom they all went blank they had cancer my face that came up here you can't see the scar dunno but it's only a little pimple but it was cancer and it was also on my back and the other thing that's devastated me took me a long time.

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