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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can 8850 Form Website

Instructions and Help about Can 8850 Form Website

Today we'll talk about the dump spreader and what this was designed for was for dairy and liquid ish liquid type manure the the phrase we always used was if it flows it goes and it's the consistency of concrete or thinner is the best way to do it that gives you the best the best performance as you dump the two expellers in the back spin in unison and expel the manure to spread about 20 feet it's pretty average and the concept is it's a low-profile spreader where we keep it low enough so it's very easy to load this is about a two thousand gallon unit itself and it's a valve with a shared hydraulic system between this cylinder and the hydraulic motors on the back so the faster raises the slower they spin the slower it raises the faster they spin and the theory behind that is when you dump slow it's a very thin liquid so it's very easy to throw it you know spin it quickly when it dumps quickly it's a thicker liquid and so it can spin slower and make it happen that way you'll notice a high pivot point and that allows this to pivot around here keeps the center gravity very low unlike a dump truck where a dump truck has a pivot over the back wheel the weight goes backwards this keeps the weight forward between the wheels and reduces a tipping and swain some other things you'll notice is a full tubular structure built underneath with a a bridge design or a truss design for more strength carry more weight has a walking tandem axle for uneven surfaces some major major points you want to talk about our no chains inside to move manure no aprons opening and closing in the back and the big difference is there's nothing to break down when a change spreader does break down anybody that's used as spreader knows there's only one way to clean it out other spreaders don't have a dumping action so you're there with a hand shovel cleaning out your manure spreader not a fun job the other ones the aprons on the back when they move and open and close our gates they freeze shut in the winter and so nothing comes out you get the thumb out or chisel them out by hand this you simply dump everything gets out of the way nothing to break down another important one is talking about sand betting it dairies sand is a very inexpensive bedding to use it's very comfortable for the cows and it reduces bacteria growth so it's a it's a preferred bedding for animals using sand in here there's nothing to wear out with sand you put sand in a push spreader a chain spreader or an auger spreader all that sand does is very harsh it's like sandpaper or shot blasting or sand blasting you over and over and over and it wears out we do have many of these out and some of the very original ones we have in use today over ten years old being used every single day cleaning the dairy and they hold up and he's using sand bedding it's completely welded and sealed so there's no dripping no leaks and it's also tapered from front to back so it's narrower here wider at the backs was things go they want to drop and clean out easily some other uses besides just hauling manure you'll see it used for Oh lime sand to haul the bedding back to the dairy wood chips and even we have guys that buy them and remove expellers and put an electric dump on just use them for a dump truck or a container to haul things to to a dump or a landfill the other thing on the inside is this completely well did I mentioned it is a full tube here and then it's completely lined with an industrial liner so it's a very slippery and smooth surface to prevent any hang-ups and allows us a dump and clean very easily the guard in the front is simply a splash guard as you stop it keeps the the whatever is inside your spreader in there keeps from splashing forward the hitch is set up with a very simple 2 and 5/16 ball and it's got a built in jack stand thank god pretty much sums up the spreader.

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