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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Earliest

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Earliest

Music very excited about this Music Laughter this is the new first class suite on Emirates this is the comprehensive review of that suite Music I mean it's about proper a heavy big wooden door now more like a small but extremely elegant hotel room than it does an airplane seat you got your seat which is also a bed you've got closets two TVs and a door here that opens and closes it goes all the way yes thank you are they taking off now Music taking off let me begin with a proper tour of the entire suite bedroom is always a big deal when flying and the legroom and this the legroom borders on ridiculous ready you can fit a small family down here this is just the leg reading situation if you were 7 or 8 feet tall you couldn't use up all this legroom if you were a circus clown wearing stilts you couldn't use up all this legroom so there are these little lights these little lights in the carpet look I found a TV situation here is amazing you get one gigantic screen right there that's like I don't know 35 inches 40 inches something like that that's one TV and then you've got another thing over here but these two aren't connected so on your big TV you watching Pulp Fiction and then on the iPad here you can do other stuff here we can see what happens with this I don't need anything I just wanted to see if this worked nice to see you this is so unnecessary thank you see you no I don't I don't need anything I'm gonna go see her all right thank you vanity mirror and then so far I found two closets one here this one appears to be for like suits or jackets or anything like that I didn't bring any suits so I so I just put my skateboard in here then kind of under the TV there's this big Locker and this one's pretty massive I've got my backpack in here but you can probably put a rolling suitcase or it's big you know like put my head in here Music Music I think I think I'm done with this portion of the meal it was very good I couldn't finish it I was too much stuff staking a few bit of the sunset but not a lot of it if you want to be fantastic so what are these these are just like TV screens so these are just like LCD screens of what's going on out there those are cameras where look like Oh now this isn't the long-haul flight of the a380 which has the showers and the gigantic spa on it but this is a nice bathroom is it very comfortable I don't work this is turkey or air fresh never both Gary 11 bars of soap I don't know what you would need eleven bars of soap or but they have eleven bars and so cloth towels that's it I'm gonna go back to my back to my room now this seat itself is supposed to be pretty magical this is the standard takeoff and landing position a dining position this is something called zero gravity where it's supposed to make it feel like this is very nice she told me that when I was ready to go to bed that I had to get her and she would make the bed Music Music Music I will now attempt to fly my drone inside this airplane Music Music Music Music really was all it was cracked up to be it was everything I ever wanted Music I can see every Music.

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