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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Email

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Email

Hello everyone this is Chiquita software and in this tutorial we're going to learn how to fill out a w-9 tax form using GIMP let's get started so launch GIMP and go to file open then open the w9 tax form now all you need to do is change the first page because everything else is just information and then get ready to import it alright and now we can do it so it's Z and then you can zoom in with a click now we want to open our windows and we want to open layers channels Pass and undo it is very useful and also open the new tool box because that's useful as well now we can get to filling out the form now hit the text tool in the tool box and click to the place that you want to fill it out so fill out your name and you can select this area to move it around and you can select your text and choose whatever font you like I like Times New Roman because it looks official and now we want to check out the box in order to do this we want to open a new layer so right click your layer place and hit new layer leave everything else as default and once that's selected use the rectangle tool to choose the appropriate box for your federal tax classification so I my individual slash sole proprietor so I make a rectangle right there now go to fill and fill out the rectangle they just made so BAM you can be fancy and you can make a checkbox here but it's a lot easier to make this and it makes - all right now we can move on put your address and we'll just do 8,000 80,000 whatever and pick your place free Braille that's not a road all right and you can change the font for this as well I'll make it look good so that move it around moving on we'll go to city state and zip code let's say we're in Los Angeles California $9,000 just an example I don't live here guys all right can change the font now we go to the Social Security number now for this part we have to be a little creative so make another text box and hit your number space and number to make it look good more spaces and just like that your social security number is done now everything is filled up except our signature and now for the signature we can just simply use a text box as well it can be fancy for this as well and import your own signature but that's not really necessary so we'll just go ahead and pick x again and italicize it for a aesthetics that's fine it works and now to date put in the date times you Roman again change the place and we're done everything is good to go now we want to export it make it good to go but first in order to do that we have to go to image and hit flatten image if we don't and we go ahead and export it it's going to look weird and all messed up and stuff so go to image and flatten it now we can export it so go to export and whatever you like and save it as a PDF Portable Document format on export and leave everything else as default and now it's ready to go so we'll go ahead and open that and it looks good now you can send this to your employer and you can get a job which is great thanks for watching and enjoy your new job.

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