Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Historical

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Historical

Music is it thorn in the side of corrupt institutions Music drop up chlorine dioxide welcome welcome welcome to the g-tube roots G to voice broadcast it's Sunday September 10th in the year of the Lord 2017 my name is Mark Brennan and I'm here with my co-host Joseph credit Joe's in the house with us today and today's kind of a special day for us because Joe happy Anniversary happy Anniversary yeah because now it's a year device is a year old well we we said we'd do it for six months remember uh-huh and we did a year okay that a year and this is a fifty second broadcast and I was looking on Facebook and seeing us you know with the studio being prepared a year ago yeah that's cool so happy Anniversary to us happy Anniversary to us and we appreciate everybody's help throughout the year and I will tell you a year later we're not in any better situation so we've got the information out to more people we got the information out and we're steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord and that's what we try to do so we're trying to make if anybody wants to help us contact us because we don't even have a way to say get the money lately everything they've been shutting us down on so he must be hitting the right cord and you know the people must be hitting the right people I mean the wrong the wrong people the Evo people right yeah that's what we're doing because they're getting upset trying to stop us every way we can but I do want to in a sober note Joe is right now there's a category 4 hurricane Irma bearing down on seven of my grandkids and four children mother of those eight children of mine and daughter-in-laws son in laws they're in Bradenton right below Tampa so we've set up a word of Prayer for for those people they're preparing they know they're getting to where the safest they can get but it's gonna go right over them they didn't leave Florida and no matter where they left they we're in Miami told you leave now they went to Tampa a lot of people it's gonna hit Tampa yeah there's a lot of people all of Florida isn't you know gonna get hit so even if you leave you have to go basically up to West Virginia Tennessee and even then it's gonna hit you know get some rain and stuff up there yeah it's it's crazy it's just and we mentioned a couple weeks ago you know I'm gonna say this because not because we're in a tragedy I'll take opportunity time to say I'm just saying you know we talked about the Eclipse we had 40 days to time of atonement now the Old Testament he Clips over Nineveh and when Jonah came in they went through some things before I ever got the other day they said okay we want we don't want to offer our kids to to Molech anymore you know sacrificing our children idols and things so now we're in our second hurricane within like two and a half weeks and there's another one Jose that looks like a good barrel back around it's a category four and go up the East Coast right now I was watching a you know 10 day forecast well so America needs a lot of Prayer that's what I'm trying to say last week thank God the president said you know it's bright yeah and then also Mexico got here with that tore earthquake and hurricane eight-point like 50 people died in the earthquake Joe things are popping up all over America volcanoes are popping up all over the world that normally don't and one of the signs in Matthew 24 and Luke's 21 was there'll be earthquakes in different places it says diverse places around the world and I watched that all time and these weird things going on it was a big um blast from the Sun and they think that's what caused that earthquake because they it agitates the core and even the crust on the earth so well I start happening I just say we need a lot of a lot of prayer and everything we do today we're going to talk about how to treat animals because a lot of people have asked us lately you know what about animals what about animals well they always ask it's not just lately you know animals are really cool because they respond better than most so we'll get into that a little bit and then I'm going to show you how to make we were gonna put the video up there how to make MMS from the powder okay from the sodium chloride powder 80% you'll have that video available to you also to download so you can learn how to do in your home this isn't about us making money of supplying people with products we do have different people doing it we even do it in Florida I don't know how long they're gonna be down in Florida cuz it's gonna be they say maybe up to a month without electricity I already got two people writing me in Florida asking about MMS and I said well right now there's nothing not in Florida but these other people in the states one was in Houston and they just got nailed you know I wouldn't want to say that we're getting nailed because we sell MMS obviously that's not the case but that you can get it and what the best thing to do and this is what I focus on folks you can listen to me I want you to do all the stuff yourself I don't have enough hours in a day to answer people I have to send him ly read this

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