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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill 8850 Form Incentives

Instructions and Help about Fill 8850 Form Incentives

Good morning wall welcome to TSI Pass Telangana state industrial project up prevalence of certification system in this online portal we will now discuss about the application for incentives as you have already discussed in the previous videos that registration is must ensure and after you register you'll get in login ID and password with that you can log-in let me login to your system and after we login to the system you will have a user dashboard which is common for all this is a common user ID dashboard like everyone has all the users so in the entrepreneur dashboard click on the incentives so when you click on incentives you will have a new page this is the basic detailed requirements you need to enter your basic requirements like your IAM number or yoga da and something like that and African name gender gender is very important so next is the cast because cast based incentives are also there now whether you're physically handicapped are differently abled women or minority please specify that for salaries or textiles and date of commencement of production and make sure you fill in all the details correctly and once all the details are entered so after into all the details here please well recheck all the details and you can study here like what are the eligible incentives are for and like the micro or small or medium enterprise then you can submit the application after you submit the application for incentives you can proceed to next wherein you will have to select these incentives which are available here it states that for your categorization given by in the previous form they will be customized so let me take for an example I will go for investment substance power D please mention the dates for Palo Verde okay so it also states what are the periods which I can apply for the power lower D period and save the application so it would state if there are anything so from date cannot be less than the commencement or production date so so once I save the application when the once the application is saved with all the things and it is completely customized and it's automatic it would be very easy for that protocol please upload all these documents which are mandatory because we are taking one-time incentive common attachments here and after you select all the attachments and submit save it because the upload documents are mandatory you can choose and select an upload I'll do some sample selections here please do not forget to click here upload because that would upload and it will that you will have a confirmation on the right side so once everything is done save the file then comes the power bills and all and once you reach here this is the final point once you save and submit your incentive application form will be submitted so after that you can track your application where it is and you will even be informed when and how the inspection would be conducted so after the basic information is done if you have like any doubts regarding what incentives you can apply for and how to apply for incentives and all that please click on the home page click on the incentives tab and here you can do your basic questioner did something like a base equation here just select what category zation you are into let me select it once and now I'll submit it so I am eligible for this incentive and these are the forms required for me so this is how you can recheck it prior to go into this incentive so it is in the home page on the right hand side you can clearly see it as incentives here so that should be it thank you.

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